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04. december 2014

1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
I don't have just one thing... I love everything about Christmas! It's my favourite time of the year, because of the spirit, decorating, lights in the cities...

2. Giving or receiving presents?
Of course I like receiving presents, but there is something about giving them. I love shopping for gifts for other people and then giving it to them. It makes me feel really good.

3. Real or fake tree?
We have a fake tree, but one day I would like to have a real one.

4. If you could only buy one person a present this year, who would it be?
My little brother, because I love him.

5. Do you open your presents in the morning or evening?

6. Handmade or bought Christmas cards?
I usually buy them, because I don't have time  to make them, but I much prefer receiving handmade ones.

7. Do you like to stay in your PJ’s, or dress up for Christmas?
We don't really stay in PJs and we don't really dress up. We stay in comfy clothes.

9. What is your favourite Christmas film?
Home alone. I watch it every December and it never gets old.

10. Have you ever made a snowman?
Every winter!

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