Swiss-o-par: Silver Shampoo

Today I have another review for you. I will be reviewing Silver shampoo by Swiss-o-par.

Why is it blue/violet?
It is for blonde hair, for brassiness (brassy blond, not light enough). It lightens, basically fixes brassiness in hair. I have used it a couple of times and I love it. I bought it, because I saw very good reviews. 

How do I use it?
I cover my hair with shampoo, then I wait for a couple of minutes, but not for too long, because you could have blue/violet marks in your hair.

The formula is the same like by the others shampoos. It actually dries your hair a little bit so don't forget to use a conditioner!

It contains 250ml for around 3-4€ in Műller I believe.

I definitely recommend it to everyone, who has problems with brassiness or blonde weird colour (you know what I mean). 

Have you ever used this type of shampoo? Would you recommend me some other brands? 
You can also give me some ideas for posts!

Thank you for reading!