Essence I Love Nude Collection Eyeshadow Rewiew and Swatches!

Recently I saw the I Love Nude collection by Essence in Müller and I had to buy two of the eyeshadows (02 cake pop, 03 crème brûlée). I decided to make a post about them, because I love them so much.

Chème brûlée is a nude brown colour and Cake pop is pink-ish nude. I like Cake pop more, but Crème brûlée is also very nice colour. The eyeshadow comes in a nice black package with transparent lid, it seems to be good quality. Pigmentation is surprisingly very good. On the picture with swatches I have not used a primer and it looks great! The eyeshadow lasts on the lids for a couple of hours if I use the primer, but through the day it wears off.

So, this is it for this post... Have you bought any products from I Love Nude collection? Do you recommend me some? Thank you for reading!


  1. Ta kolekcija je super, mislim da smo kar vse zelo navdušene :)

  2. These eyeshadows look soo pretty! Great post! Xxx

  3. Lovely colours, do they last well through the day? I've recently got a small palette from Essence but haven't yet tried them out x

    Farzana | Aspiring Londoner

    1. I wore Cake pop last week and it lasted all day :)
      Thank you for your comment! x