Essence The Nudes Nail Polishes + Giveaway!!

So today I am going to do review of two nail polishes from Essence, 01 walk on the white side and 05 pure soul. They are part of The Nude Collection. This collection is one of my favourite from Essence. I love nail polish colours, lipsticks and eyeshadows. You can see a review on the eyeshadows here
Keep in mind that I took the pictures outside, because of the better light, and the grass is not the prettiest (obviously... it was winter...).

Essence The Nudes nail polishes

Walk on the white side is a pink-ish nude colour. This polish is my favourite from this collection. It doesn't have a very good coverage. I had to apply three layers for full coverage, two layers just wasn't enough. It contains very small glitter, but you can see it only on the sun.

Essence the nudes walk on the white side

Pure Soul is a white-ish polish. This one has better coverage than Pure Nude, it needs two layers for full coverage. This one contains small glitter just as the previous one.

Essence the nudes nail polishes pure soul

Both of the polishes apply nice and the brush is good enough to apply then evenly.

Now is time for my very first giveaway on my blog! I bought the same polishes (pure soul and walk on the white side) for one of you, my readers, as a small thank you for reading my blog. 
You just have to fill the Rafflecopter form. I am sorry, but the giveaway is only open to Slovenian readers!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Izgledata kot 2 super vsakodnevna laka! :)

  2. Hvala za giveaway <3 Lepi nude barvi, včasih paše kaj takega na nohtih :)

  3. Super giveaway :) sama nisem velik pristaš nude barv, bi pa z veseljem sprobala ta dva laka :)