My Favourite Instagram Accounts For Planner Addicts!

12. marec 2015

Lately I have been obsessed with decorating my planner. I found this planner accounts on instagram and I love them for inspiration. I thought I would share this accounts with you. 

My first inspiration that I found on Youtube. I watch every single video of her, my favourite videos are the planner ones. Her personal instagram account is missbelindaxox , but she recently made a account for planner stuff: planwithbelinda.

I think I found her through Belinda, but I am not sure. I fell in love with her Erin Condren planner, how she decorates and adorable paper clips of course! Her name on instagram is filoally.
Just recently I found her instagram account: planwithanita. I love the bright pictures of her planner.

My favourites on her instagram account (the_pastel_planner) are her accesorizes for the planner.

One word, actually two: paper clips! Haha I love them. Her instagram: theangelshoppe. She also has a etsy shop, where you can buy these adorable paper clips. 

Do you like this tipe of posts? Would you like to see more of them? Let me know in the comments!

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