Born Pretty Store

25. april 2015


Born Pretty Store

This week I finally received my package from Born Pretty Store. I found out about this store through other bloggers and I was impressed. They have stuff for nail art, makeup, jewerly and lots of other things, that are affordable. And free shipping too! 
They let me choose three things from their store. I chose two rings and a bracelet. It did take about 5 weeks for my order to come.

This ring was my first choice. How wouldn't it be? It's so cute! It's a mini camera on my fingers haha. It's adjustable and the size of the camera is 2.2x1.5cm. You can get it in silver or copper colour. I wouldn't say it is the best quality, but for the price is good. Click here for the link.
The second ring is  more simple. It comes in gold and silver colour. It's suppose to be a midi ring, but it's just too big for my fingers, so I mostly use it like a normal ring. I really like this one, maybe I will even order some more. Click here for the link.

This bracelet is unfortunately too big for me, because I have small wrists and it falls down. But the bracelet in very pretty. The quality is great, especially for the price. I think they don't sell this anymore, I just can't find it in the store.

However, you can click here and check their other jewerly and accessories! You can use my code SVET10 for 10% discount. Thank you for reading!

4 komentarji

  1. Tale prstan fotoaparat sem že tudi sama gledala - simpatičen je! :)

  2. Jaz sem ravno vceraj narocila cel kup stvari na Born Pretty in imajo res same lepe zadeve. Prstan s fotoaparatom je cudovit. :) Jaz sem vceraj celo popoldne brskala med nakitom, preden sem se odlocila za eno verizico. :)

  3. IIIi všečkam verižico, jst tudi čakam na svoje drobnarije, pa upam,d a ne bo tako zelo dolgo:) sem si tudi izbrala tri stvari in komaj čakam:)