Catrice - It's A Very Berry Bash

Today I have an NOTD for you, with a new nail polish from Catrice, called It's A Very Berry Bash. I never really liked red nail polish, but something has changed. In two or three months I bought a couple of them, different shades, of course, I see that they are different, but my boyfriend doesn't :P So, when I went to DM to see, if they already have the new collections from Catrice and Essence, I saw this beauty and I bought it. But when I came home, I realize that I already bought a very similar shade from Manhattan two months ago.

Catrice Its a very berry bash

Like the name says, it's a berry toned color. This polish has a nice brush (that I forgot to take a picture of). It says on the bottle, that they have a new brush. I compared it with an old nail polish. And don't see much of a difference, maybe the new one is slightly bigger. 
I didn't really test how long would it last on my nails. I only had it on for two days, but it didn't chip. 

On the picture above you can see the comparison with Manhattan Quick Dry nail polish in 57U. They are very similar, but the Catrice one is slightly darker.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Saj sta si dost podobna ampak.. you can never have enough of red nail polish. :)
    ah, fantje tega itak ne opazijo :P

    x, Katja

  2. Res sta si podobna, ampak čist ista pa nista:)hahah.. Ful lep odtenek, moram si nabavit še sama kakšnega rdečega za jesen:)

  3. Popooooln odtenek! :D Teh ni nikoli preveč ;)

  4. Ta odtenek imam pa že nagledanega, na nohtih pride res lepo!
    Pa na splošno so mi Catrice laki vredu, se mi zdi, da mi dlje zdržijo kot pa kakšen dražji ...

    Drugače pa luškan blog! :)

    1. Meni Essence laki zdržijo dlje, sploh s tem gel sistemom, ampak vseeno so Catrice za svojo ceno super :)
      Hvala! :D