Random Summer Pictures

20. september 2015

As you can see, lately I'm posting some random lifestyle posts and not so many beauty reviews, because I wasn't really feeling it. But recently I bought some makeup stuff and I'm already testing it (Catrice Absolute Matte Palette will be on my blog soon). 
Also, I decided to post some of my pictures that I took in summer. I will probably do this type of post weekly/monthly (I haven't decided yet) on my blog, like a series of some pictures that I take throughout the week/month. I want to take more pictures in my life, because it's so good to look back to some things. I only need the name for the series and I can't think of any, you can leave some suggestions in the comments. :)
Pictures from this post were mostly taken in Izola, Simonov zaliv.

Thank you for reading!

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