Some Facts About Me

10. september 2015

Today I'm going to write some facts about me, so you can get to know me better. I only thought about 16 facts at the moment, but maybe I will do a part two of this post. 

1. I love history (pretty much everything, but I find 1st and 2nd war the most interesting).
2. I don't like Nutella.
3. I love watching series, some that I watch: Once Upon A Time (cant wait for the new season), The Vampire Diaries, Baby Daddy, Orange Is A New Black, Young And Hungry, Breaking Bad, Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars (I liked a couple of seasons, but now some things are just stupid).

4. I wear glasses for 5-6 years now.
5. I used to love reading, but then I came to high school and I didn't have time anymore. 
6. I love traveling, like they say: If traveling was free you will never see me again. ;)
7. I don't drink tea, actually I drink it when I'm really sick, and when I do, I squeeze almost a whole lemon and honey in it.
8. I love sour things.
9. I would love to learn French (now I speak English, German, Spanish and of course Slovenian).
10. I would love to have a tattoo (maybe at the end of the year I will get one). I really like small tattoos that have a meaning. I have been planning to have a star on the right side of my wrist since I was little, because I love stars and star patterned anything. I also plan to have a saying, something about never giving up, or something to stay motivated, but I don't know which one yet and I won't make a tattoo if I don't wish it for at least a year or two.
11. I love baking (cupcakes, pies, cookies), but I hate cooking.
12. I love blue color and I don't like pink.
13. I like exercising. I like the feeling of sore muscles. I used to love running, but then I had a surgery on my knee and I had to stop. Now I exercise on my indoor bicycle. 
14. I hate elevators.
15. Im very impatient.
16. I love animals, dogs are my favorite. 

Thank you for reading!

2 komentarja

  1. Zanimivo, zanimivo. Hmm, zgleda, da sem jaz edina, ki raje kuha kot peče peciva ipd. ;)

  2. Res zanimiva objava! :) Podobni sva si v tem da imava radi zgodovino, pa tudi del zgodovine ki naju najbolj zanima :) Čeprav jaz obožujem tudi rimljane, grke :)

    x, Katja