Some more facts about me!

29. november 2015

Kinder Advent Calendar

1. I'm very stubborn
2. I have never dyed my hair, except for my ends (I had like an ombre blond dip dye)
3. I like watching cartoons
4. I like watching sports time-to-time (mostly skiing and football)
5. I looove sour sweets
6. I hate public presentation (and on my school we have them a lot)
7. I have a younger brother
8. I didn't know what I want to be for so long. When I needed to choose a school, I went to "gimnazija". And then, of course, I didn't know which faculty to go to, basically I waited for the last day and luckily my friend told me about a program that I like and go to now.
9. I can't cook
10. I love decorating and journaling
11. I love playing games (board games, pc games, wii games..)
12. I love grape flavoured anything
13. I'm afraid of heights
14. I hate cheese (I like it on pizza, but I always ask for less cheese)
15. I don't like chocolate, except for Kinder, I love Kinder everything. This year I was very excited when I saw Kinder advent calendars and of course I had to get one. You can see it on the start of this post.
16. I love candles, I burn them almost every day
17. I don't like the color green.
18. I rarely wear lipstick
19. My favourite makeup item is mascara
19. I love nail polishes
20. I love scarves and cosy socks
21. I like watching series (Friends, Once Upon a Time...)
22. My actual name is Svetlana, but I don't like it, I much prefer just Lana :)

Thank you for reading!

3 komentarji

  1. Joj ne maraš čokolade:), saj na moj zdrav način prehranjevanja je tako tudi čist OK:)

    1. Čokolade res ne, zato pa imam kakšne druge nezdrave navade :P

  2. Jaz pa obožuejm sir in čokolado :) Pa me je tudi ful strah višine ;)