18. april 2016

Preview: Essence Juice It! TE

Fruit up your life! On summery shirts, as cool accessories or as creative nail art styles – super cute fruit is everywhere this season. With the new trend edition “juice it!”, essence is offering juicy beauty-pieces in May 2016. The colours in the collection are reminiscent of a mixed peach, watermelon and cherry fruit basket, and the gel-like, partially scented textures conjure-up spring colour effects on the lips and nails. Favorites include the jelly tint lipstick with a semi-transparent formula and a unique colour effect as well as the detangle brush with a cool kiwi look. The fragrant nail stickers with lots of little fruit designs ensure colourful eye-catchers on the nails and the fruity-floral fragrance of the eau de toilette with cherry, nectarine sorbet and tonka bean is sure to put you in the mood for summer. essence loves fresh fruits! 

Detangle brush
Cool kiwi! The brush with a mix of short and long rubber bristles can comb through any hair structure without tugging, pulling or tangling. Comes in a cute kiwi design. Available in 01 melon dollar baby. 
Price: 4,99€.

Scented nail stickers 
Aromatic fruit mix. Cheerful designs like pineapples, melons, cherries and co. can now decorate the nails, too. And the best thing is: all stickers have the wonderfully fruity fragrance of the cherry eau de toilette in the trend edition. Available in 01 easy peasy lemon squeezy.
Price: 1,29€.

Cherry eau de toilette
Mon cherry. This refreshing, floral-fruity fragrance welcomes the summer and spreads a feeling of fun. The eau de toilette has a fruity top note with cherry – which dominates the fragrance – passion fruit and apple blossom. Lilly of the valley, heliotrope and nectarine sorbet in the middle note add a lovely floral element, while musk, sandalwood and tonka bean provide a warm and slightly sweet basis – simply irresistible! Available as a 30 ml EdT.
Price: 4,99€.

Jelly tint lipstick 
Just juicy! The semi-transparent lipsticks have a tint-effect that colours the lips in cherry-red or juicy watermelon pink. The gel-like texture has a surprising colour gradient and leaves behind a glossy finish. Available in 01 cherry cherry lady and 02 a melon miles away. 
Price: 2,99€.

Lip smoothie 
Very cherry! This lipbalm provides intensive care and an extra-portion of moisture for glossy lips with a touch of soft pink colour. The fruity, slightly sweet fragrance and the cherry-shaped container are absolutely juicy, too. Available in 01 pretty, with a cherry on top.
Price: 1,99€.

Glossy lipliner 
Cherry or watermelon? The high-shine, glossy lipliner perfectly frames the lips in a soft shade of either cherry-red or watermelon pink. Available in 01 i love you cherry much and 02 you´re one in a melon. 
Price: 1,29€.

Ball blush 
Sunny teint. The ball blush with a powder texture and domed shape can be applied directly onto the cheeks and blended. Summery pink or intensive apricot conjure-up a fresh complexion. Available in 01 you´re one in a melon and 02 give peach a chance. 
Price: 2,99€.

Nail polish 
Fruity nails! Four nail polishes with a semi-transparent texture provide an ultra-shiny finish with a jelly-effect in light peach, orange, pink and red. Available in 01 i love you cherry much, 02 you´re one in a melon, 03 orange is the new black and 04 peach dreams are made of this. 
Price 1,79€.

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  1. Odgovori
    1. Se strinjam :D Celotna kolekcija je tako pisana in privlačna, da že komaj čakam poletje :D

  2. joj, kaka luštna kolekcija. Ful me mikajo vsi izdelki za ustnice, pa laki so nenormalno lepi ! Bi pa sprobala tudi ta peachy blush, deluje na prvi pogled ful lep ! <3

    1. Imam ta ball blush iz navadne kolekcije in je top! :D
      Mene najbolj pritegnejo barve, ne vem pa če bom kaj kupila, mogoče krtačo in blush.. bomo videli :D

  3. Jaaaa, barve te kolekcije te kar potegneeeejo. Mislim, da si bom definitivno privoščila kaj iz te kolekcije, če ne drugega, krtačko za lase ziher :) Rabim eno tako, ki bo z mano hosila okoli po svetu :) In tale izgleda super priročna :)

    1. Mislim, da smo vse najbolj navdušene nad krtačko :D


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