Random Monthly Pictures #6

Here I am again with some pictures I took throughout the month. I know I probably shouldn't name this posts Random Monthly Pictures, because I don't really post them every month. I will try to post every month, if not, I will just rename them. In this post there will be more photos of nature, because I bought a new phone and I wanted to try the camera. April was lovely here in Slovenia and everything was blooming (well, except a few days when it was snowing). Some pictures are taken with Snapchat, so they are lower quality.

"Janeževi upognjenci"

Lovely surprise from Avon :)

Of course I had to get Kinder ice cream :D


This was our weather situation on 27th of April.

Ptuj lake

Homemade "breskvice"

Thank you for reading!


  1. Kok je lepo gledat še kakšne druge stvari in ne samo kozmetike:)

  2. Waaaav, kako maš lepe sličice :) april je res prečudovit mesec in super si ujela vse rožice :) + homemade breskvice zgledajo res DELICIOUS :D x

    1. Hvala! :D Breskvice sva z mamo prvič delale in se moram pohvalit, da so res dobro uspele :)