Essence Thermo Nail Polish 05 The Ice is Melting

Essence Thermo Nail Polish 05 The Ice is Melting

Lately, I have been loving grey nail polishes. I bought Serendipity by Essence a while ago and I really liked it, I wore it so much, that already became so thick, that I couldn't apply it evenly anymore. I have a feeling, all Essence gel nail polishes become thick quickly, but I still love them. I have a review and some swatches of The Gel Nail Polish line here, if you are interested. When I saw that Essence is discontinuing Serendipity and also the shade, that I am going to talk about today, The Ice is Melting, I decided to buy at least one of them. But then I heard that The Ice is Melting has a better formula and I bought that one.

Essence Thermo Nail Polish 05 The Ice is Melting

I couldn't capture the right color of The Ice is Melting on my phone camera, so it doesn't really show up on pictures, but it is a gorgeous grey shade. The brush is straight cut and thin, it applies the polish well, I didn't have problems with that. The nail polish is opaque in three coats and has a sheer formula. Now, let's talk about that thermo effect. It is supposed to switch from taupe to grey when the temperature of your finger changes. I put my fingers into cold and into hot water and I didn't notice any change what so ever. 

Essence Thermo Nail Polish 05 The Ice is Melting Swatch

In Müller the nail polishes that are going to be discontinued are already on sale, but there is not much left of them, so if you like this one or any other nail polish, get it now. The Ice is Melting costs 1,49€ and you get 8ml of nail polish in the bottle.

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  1. Jaz imam ta termo lakec v odtenku 01 warm my heart in ful spreminja barvo! Na toplem je taka oranžno roza in v mrzlem ful vijolična. Sicer je kar hitro ratal gost, ja. :/

    1. Škoda, da moj ne spreminja barve.. sicer pa me ne moti toliko, ker je drugače lepa barva :) Da postanejo gosti sem mislila za tiste iz Gel Nail Polish linije, ne tega, za tega še ne vem kako bo :)