Trip to Austria and Primark Haul

05. oktober 2016

Primark, Seiersberg, Austria, Graz

Last week I went to the Shopping City Seiersberg in Austria. I have never been there before and I wanted to go for so long. Seiersberg is about a 15 minute drive from Slovenian border, all information about where you are going is on boards, you pretty much can't get lost. The main reason I wanted to go, was of course Primark, but I visited some more stores too, including Kiko. We needed a map of the shopping centre to find Primark. I first shopped for myself, then I searched for some clothes for my brother and family, and later we went through the store again for things that you don't really have to try on, like scarves, sunglasses, necklaces, rings... If you are wondering, we were there on a Tuesday at about 10.30am and it wasn't crowded at all. We didn't wait either for trying on clothes or at the cash register.

Seiersberg, Graz, Austria, Tasty Donuts and Coffee

Seiersberg, Graz, Austria, Tasty Donuts and Coffee

Seiersberg, Graz, Austria, Tasty Donuts and Coffee

These doughnuts were so cute, but they were so expensive, 1.70€ each. We still decided to get each one, but let me tell you, for me they taste the same as the ones by Lidl for around 30-40 cents.

Seiersberg, Graz, Austria, Tasty Donuts and Coffee

And now to the haul. I didn't buy much, I pretty much searched for some basics, because I needed them. The last two clothing pieces are for my brother, but I thought I would include them anyway. I heard some people say that Primark sizes are a bit smaller and I can agree with that. I am mostly XS or S and I did get two things in M. I tried to find links for everything that I got, but I didn't find all of them on the website and for some I didn't find the exact colour. I also added the size in the brackets.

Primark, Seiersberg, Graz, Austria
Primark, Seiersberg, Graz, Austria

1. I never liked wearing hats, but since last winter I became a little obsessed with them. I bought a burgundy and a grey one. They were 3€ each. Link here.
2. I am a sucker for stripy shirts, if it's navy blue and black even more. First I searched for an S but they didn't have it, so I tried M and it fits perfectly. It is also such a nice and soft material. It was 11€Link here.
3. I desperately needed new pyjamas. Of course, I had to get Mickey Mouse ones. The shirt (S) was 7€ and the pants (M) were 10€.
4. Another pyjamas (S). I already wore these and they are so soft and cosy. But they are a bit too long for me, since I'm short. I got them for 8€.

Primark, Seiersberg, Graz, Austria

5.I like wearing jumpers (36) in the autumn and winter at home. I don't wear them to school a lot, because when I wear it with a coat or something, the hood bothers me. I got it for 8€.
6. A basic cardigan (36). This cardigan feels the same as the ones by H&M and they are 25€. The only difference I have noticed is, that this one is a tiny bit shorter. It was 8€.
7. and 8. Both of these I bought for my brother. The jumper (S) was 12€ and the cardigan (S) was 11€Link here for the cardigan.

Because I was in Graz I really wanted to go to Ikea too, but I was so tired that I completely forgot. I hope I got a chance to go to the Seiersberg soon again, but first I need to save some money again :).

Thank you for reading!

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  1. I really like the hats, they look so cozy and adorable :) xx

  2. Uh mene je kar groza sem peljat:), nekako tako izgleda tut moj prtljažnik, pooooleeen:). Ampak kaj moreš,če pa imajo tolko fajnih stvari:)puloverček in pižamica mi zmagata:)

    1. Fajnih in poceni :) Sem pričakovala malo slabšo kvaliteto sicer, ampak je večinoma približno ista kot v kakšnem h&m :D