Favourite Christmas Movies

Favourite Christmas Movies | Lana Talks

The Santa Clause
This is just a classic every year. I never get tired of it. My favourite is the first movie, when Charlie was so little and cute and so excited over his dad being Santa.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
I love the storyline behind this movie. Even though you're different that anybody else, you can celebrate Christmas. This year, I haven't watch it yet, but I will for sure.

Weihnachtsmann & Co. KG
I decided to put two cartoons in my favourite Christmas movies too. I loved watching Weihnachtsmann when I was little and I will definitely go on Youtube and just watch a couple of episodes. The storyline is about a Santa's workshop, where three elfs prepare toys and there are two bad people who try to ruin everything.

Home Alone
I watched this movie every year, especially the first and second one. When my brother was little everyone has told him he looked like Kevin, but I never saw it. I hate how by us in Slovenia on television they don't even care anymore about these movies, they put the third movie on first, then the first one... Without any order.

Niko The Flight Before Christmas
I'm a big child at heart. Especially when it comes to Christmas and Christmas movies. I think it was last year when I first watched Niko and this year I already watched it in November. We probably can all agree that the little reindeer is so cute? Haha.

There are a lot more of Christmas movies that I like to watch, but I chose a couple that I couldn't wait to watch again this year. What are your favourite Christmas movies? Thank you for reading!


  1. How The Grinch Stole Christmas - moja najljubša! <3

    1. Letos si še ga nisem pogledla, bom pa seveda v kratkem :D