30. november 2014

Essence - Say No To Redness (Colour Correcting Concealer)

Today I have a first impression post of essence product "Say no to redness". I decided to buy it because Beauty of a Lemon made a great review on it. Essence has two other new concealers: Say no to imperfections and Say no to dark circles. 

26. november 2014

Wishlist #2

15. november 2014

Review: Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops

Today I am going to review a very popular product by Essence, dry drops. I have heard a lot of good reviews on it, so I decided to buy it. 

What they say: Sometimes every second counts: And with the express dry drops your nail polish dries in just 60 seconds! Due to the pipette the product can be systematically and dropwisely applied. And the best: fingernails and cuticles will be nourished with vitamin E and almond oil getting extra shine!

First I apply the first layer of nail polish and let it dry like always. Later I apply the second layer and then I add this drops. If you don't hae really long nails 1-2 drops for a nail will do and it actually dries nails in 60 seconds! The only thing I don't like is that this is very oily. It is good for the cuticles, but on the other hand, it gets very messy sometimes.
Will I buy it again? Of course. I don't mind the mess, important to me is that it dries my nails quick.
You get 8ml for about 2€.

Thank you for reading!

12. november 2014

Empties #2

08. november 2014

NOTD: Essence "if I were a boy"

Today I'm going to show you my favourite nail polish lately: Essence - If I Were A Boy. When I saw it in the store I just had to buy it. It is gorgeous blue colour (it looks a little bit like the famous Essie's Bikini So Tiny).

The nail polish is very good for it's price (1,69€ in Müller). The texture is good. It applies very nice, I personaly apply two coats. This brush applies polish perfectly (even though I've had some Essence polishes with bad brushes). 

Thank you for reading!

05. november 2014

New in! #2

Yesterday I went shopping and I'm going to show you, what I bought.

01. november 2014

Wishlist #1

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