29. avgust 2015

Mini Beauty Reviews #2 (Balea Edition)

balea dusch peeling, washgel, fuss lotion

Today I have a second post of Mini Beauty Reviews, for this one I decided to review only Balea products.

Balea Duschpeeling mit Mandarinnen- und Orangenduft
First, I love the smell. It's a very strong orangy smell. The peeling comes in a squeeze tube and the opening enables easy dosage. The product is on the thicker side. It is a big bottle and it will last you quite a long time, believe me. I use it once or twice a week, later I apply a body cream and my skin feels very smooth.

Balea Erfrischendes Washgel
I use this every day, morning and evening (except sometimes I use Afrodita cleaning foam, because I want to use it up). I switched to this one, because it is a lot cheaper than Afrodita (1.95€, I think) and it suits my skin better. It comes out like a gel, but it foams on your skin. It also cleans makeup, except it doesn't do a great job at removing waterproof mascara.

Balea Fusslotion mit Minzöl und Blutorangen-Extrakt
I bought this mostly because of the smell. It smells exactly how it says, like mint and oranges. It kinda remindes me of some sort of candy, but I dont remember which one. I apply this at evening and put my socks on (yes, I do sleep with my socks on. It has to be very hot for me to take my socks off haha). So far I like it, it moisturizes my feet well.

Thank you for reading!

25. avgust 2015

Top 6 Summer Products

Today I have a post about my favourite 6 products for summer. I don't use these products every single day, just when I go somewhere. Mostly I use just a mascara. Hope you enjoy reading.

1. Catrice Camouflage Cream
Normally I have clear skin, but when I need a good concealer, I use this one. It covers blemishes almost completely and it doesn't smudge on me.

2. Powder (Essence mattifying compact powder)
I use this powder every time when I go somewhere. I use it on my forehead mostly, because it gets a bit shiny. It mattifies my face well, I like it.

I always use bronzer, I like that bronzy look. My go-to bronzer that I use is in this Makeup Revolution palette. My absolute favourite bronzer is from Essence (Sun Club matt bronzing powder), but when I'm in a hurry I use this one.

Again, my go-to blush. I use this blush and bronzer when I don't have much time to do my makeup.

5. Mascara (Maybelline Rocket Volum' Mascara)
Favourite of mine for a long time. If you would ask me to choose only one product that I could use in the summer, it would be this mascara. It gives my lashes volume and it lengthens them.

6. Lip Balm (Blistex Classic Lip Protector)
I  havent tried a lip balm that would work so well on my lips and I've tried Baby Lips, Nivea, Labello and lots of others. It moisturises my lips, they don't  look shiny. And it's cheap (around 2-3€). I own different smells, but this one is just a classic, that I always have in my bag.

Thank you for reading!

20. avgust 2015

New In #8

Catrice multi mat blush la-lavender essence blush brush

16. avgust 2015

NOTD: Catrice - Love Affair In Bel Air

Two coats                                                                    Three coats
Love Affair In Bel Air is a new polish by Catrice cosmetics. I have been searching for this shade of pink/rose polish since I bought hola, guapa by Essence. I have liked this color so much, that I almost used it up, so I decided to search for a similar color.
The shade is very similar to Hola, guapa, but this one has a shiny finish. I prefer mat finish for this shade, but it doesn't bother me much. I can just buy a matt top coat.

Do you like new Catrice nail polishes?
 Thank you for reading!

09. avgust 2015

Balea Vitamin Shampoo


I have talked about shampoos a lot recently (I have been loving Subrina, Afrodita), but now I have discovered my new obsession. It contains 500ml and you can get it in DM for 0,99€. The number one reason why I decided to buy it, beside the price, is the smell. It smells heavenly fruity.

It foams good, I would say maybe even too good, but I like that. You don't need a lot of the product. It says on the packaging that you need to leave it on your hair for a couple of minutes to work. I have been testing it when I went to the seaside and I washed my hair twice a day, just because I don't like salty, hard hair. I also wanted to have a good shampoo for dry hair, because I was always on the sun or in the water. 

I have used it with my conditioner. My hair feels very smooth after I wash my hair and I have used only about half a bottle. I have been using it on my hair twice a day for almost a week. Usually, I wash my hair once every two to three days. 

I would really recommend this shampoo if you have dry hair!

Thank you for reading!

02. avgust 2015

Catrice - It's A Very Berry Bash

Today I have an NOTD for you, with a new nail polish from Catrice, called It's A Very Berry Bash. I never really liked red nail polish, but something has changed. In two or three months I bought a couple of them, different shades, of course, I see that they are different, but my boyfriend doesn't :P So, when I went to DM to see, if they already have the new collections from Catrice and Essence, I saw this beauty and I bought it. But when I came home, I realize that I already bought a very similar shade from Manhattan two months ago.

Catrice Its a very berry bash

Like the name says, it's a berry toned color. This polish has a nice brush (that I forgot to take a picture of). It says on the bottle, that they have a new brush. I compared it with an old nail polish. And don't see much of a difference, maybe the new one is slightly bigger. 
I didn't really test how long would it last on my nails. I only had it on for two days, but it didn't chip. 

On the picture above you can see the comparison with Manhattan Quick Dry nail polish in 57U. They are very similar, but the Catrice one is slightly darker.

Thank you for reading!

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