Balea Vitamin Shampoo


I have talked about shampoos a lot recently (I have been loving Subrina, Afrodita), but now I have discovered my new obsession. It contains 500ml and you can get it in DM for 0,99€. The number one reason why I decided to buy it, beside the price, is the smell. It smells heavenly fruity.

It foams good, I would say maybe even too good, but I like that. You don't need a lot of the product. It says on the packaging that you need to leave it on your hair for a couple of minutes to work. I have been testing it when I went to the seaside and I washed my hair twice a day, just because I don't like salty, hard hair. I also wanted to have a good shampoo for dry hair, because I was always on the sun or in the water. 

I have used it with my conditioner. My hair feels very smooth after I wash my hair and I have used only about half a bottle. I have been using it on my hair twice a day for almost a week. Usually, I wash my hair once every two to three days. 

I would really recommend this shampoo if you have dry hair!

Thank you for reading!