31. december 2016

My Blog in 2016 and My Favourite Bloggers


23. december 2016

Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm with Organic Honey

Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm with Organic Honey

Today I'm going to talk about a product that Oriflame has kindly sent to me. Before I even got it, I saw a picture on Instagram and I thought this would be interesting to try out. It is a Tender Care Protecting Balm. There is quite a few versions of this balm out, I'm not even sure how many. I got a Organic Honey Protecting Balm. At first I thought it's a lip balm, but then I figured it out it's also for dry skin patches, eyebrows and more. It have mostly used it as a lip balm.

21. december 2016

Avon True Color Perfect Reds Lipstick in Lava Love

Avon True Color Perfect Reds Lipstick in Lava Love

Everyone lately has been raving about Avon's lipstick. I never paid much attention to them, because I'm not really the biggest lipstick fan. Then Avon came out with Perfect Reds line and they kindly sent me two products, I already have a nail polish review here). the other one was this lipstick. Like I said I'm not the biggest lipstick fan, if I wear a lipstick it's normally a nude shade, so this was something new for me. I just find that red doesn't suit me.

19. december 2016

New In #17

Essence Stay All Day Translucent Powder

Essence Stay All Day Translucent Fixing Powder
This was on my wishlist since it was released, but everytime when I was in a drugstore I completely forgot about it.

Essence Glitter in the Air TE Nail Polish Remover Gel Ultra Strong
This cought my attention because it should remove glitter nail polishes better.

17. december 2016

Essence The Gel Nail Polish 44 On Air!

Essence The Gel Nail Polish 44 On Air!

I didn't even know Essence had this nail polish in their range and even from the very beginning. I love nail polishes like this for the festive season. I have a review on some of the nail polishes from The Gel Nail Polish range here.

15. december 2016

Winterlicious Tag

Hello again. I actually managed to post on my blog every other day till now and I'm proud about it. I decided to post a tag, because it's easier to do than an actual post. I am feeling a bit ill and I am not really in a mood for anything right now. It was fun to do it, I think Bethany Mota on Youtube is a creator of the Winterlicious Tag and every year I see a lot of bloggers/vloggers do it, so I thought I would do it to.

13. december 2016

Vipera Elite Matt Lipstick and Elite Lip Gloss

Vipera Elite Matt Lipstick and Elite Lip Gloss

I have heard about Vipera products before, but I have never tried anything. I got a lipstick and a lipgloss on SummerMBeauty blogger event. First, I want to say that I wasn't really impressed with them, but I still decided to do a quick review.

11. december 2016

Avon True Colour Perfect Reds Nailwear Pro+ in Red Bombshell

Avon True Colour Perfect Reds Nailwear Pro+ in Red Bombshell

When I got this nail polish I was very excited, because I love red shades on nails and I only have one similar shade to this one. Avon True Colour Perfect Reds Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel line has 7 shades of red, which is perfect, you can never go wrong with red nails. Red Bombshell  is a stunning bright red shade and it comes in a square glass bottle with white writing and a black cap. You get 10ml of product in the bottle and it normaly costs 5.90€.

09. december 2016

Favourite Christmas Movies

Favourite Christmas Movies | Lana Talks

The Santa Clause
This is just a classic every year. I never get tired of it. My favourite is the first movie, when Charlie was so little and cute and so excited over his dad being Santa.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
I love the storyline behind this movie. Even though you're different that anybody else, you can celebrate Christmas. This year, I haven't watch it yet, but I will for sure.

Weihnachtsmann & Co. KG
I decided to put two cartoons in my favourite Christmas movies too. I loved watching Weihnachtsmann when I was little and I will definitely go on Youtube and just watch a couple of episodes. The storyline is about a Santa's workshop, where three elfs prepare toys and there are two bad people who try to ruin everything.

Home Alone
I watched this movie every year, especially the first and second one. When my brother was little everyone has told him he looked like Kevin, but I never saw it. I hate how by us in Slovenia on television they don't even care anymore about these movies, they put the third movie on first, then the first one... Without any order.

Niko The Flight Before Christmas
I'm a big child at heart. Especially when it comes to Christmas and Christmas movies. I think it was last year when I first watched Niko and this year I already watched it in November. We probably can all agree that the little reindeer is so cute? Haha.

There are a lot more of Christmas movies that I like to watch, but I chose a couple that I couldn't wait to watch again this year. What are your favourite Christmas movies? Thank you for reading!

07. december 2016

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist | Lana Talks

05. december 2016

Trojni Užitek Pecivo / Triple Pleasure Dessert

Trojni Užitek Pecivo / Triple Pleasure Dessert

03. december 2016

Oriflame The One Color Unlimited Eye Shadow Stick Sahara Bronze

Oriflame The One Color Unlimited Eye Shadow Stick Sahara Bronze Review

I don't really use eyeshadow sticks, I only have one from Catrice, that I made a review here. I didn't use that one a lot, because it's such a light shade that just blends into my skin and it barely shows up on my eyes. But this Oriflame eyeshadow stick made me fell in love with them. 

01. december 2016

30 Blogmas Post Ideas

Blogmas Post Ideas | Lana Talks

If you don't know what Blogmas is, it's when bloggers post every day from the start of December till the actual Christmas, the posts are usually Christmas related. I love reading Blogmas and also watching Vlogmas (where Youtubers post a video everyday). I want to do Blogmas so much this year, I feel really inspired, but I won't have time to do it. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, so I will try to post at least every two days, so kind of a 12 Days of Christmas. I will also try to post more on my Instagram, you can follow me on there, my username is @lanatalksblog. For the first day of Blogmas I prepared a list of Blogmas post ideas, so if you decide to do it, you have some ideas. I already have some prepared from the list.

Thank you for reading!

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