Vipera Elite Matt Lipstick and Elite Lip Gloss

Vipera Elite Matt Lipstick and Elite Lip Gloss

I have heard about Vipera products before, but I have never tried anything. I got a lipstick and a lipgloss on SummerMBeauty blogger event. First, I want to say that I wasn't really impressed with them, but I still decided to do a quick review.

Vipera Elite Matt Lipstick

Vipera Elite Matt Lipstick 105 Wild Orchid
The lipstick comes in a darker, cool toned rose shade. The formula feels dry, you have to moisturize your lips very well before applying the lipstick. Its finish is matt, but the lipstick also empthasizes dry pathes. The lipstick lasts quite long, but it dissapears from the lips unevenly. It doesn't leave a stain and it doesn't smudge. It smells like strawberries or something similar, but it's a very artificial smell.

Vipera Elite Lip Gloss

Vipera Elite Lip Gloss 203 Nobilis
I don't like lip glosses, so I didn't test this very well. The consistency is very sticky. The applicator is not bad, but it's hard to get a precise application. It isn't longlasting and it fades quite evenly. The finish is shiny. I actually like the scent by this one, it smells very sweet, just like the lipstick, but it's not so artificial.

Vipera Elite Matt Lipstick and Elite Lip Gloss Swatch

Overall, both of the products didn't impress me. I decided to test them, but since then I haven't used them at all, so I wouldn't recommend them.

Thank you for reading!

*I got these two products at SummerMBeauty blogger event