30. maj 2016

Preview: Catrice Sound of Silence LE

Luxurious Spirit – meditation methods, a journey into isolated dune landscapes: modern nomadic looks reminiscent of life in the desert dominate the international catwalks. These sandy desert images provide the inspiration for the Limited Edition “Sound of Silence” by CATRICE in July 2016. Monochrome, natural tones like brown and beige stand in a modern contrast to mauve and lilac, which are refined with golden highlights. The Fluid Glow conjures-up beautiful light reflections on the skin while the Blush & Bronze sets summery accents. Desert Breeze – by CATRICE.

1. Golden Lip Glow: Desert Rose. The lightly pigmented lipstick with a fine, golden shimmer core provides fresh colour with a shiny finish. Available in C01 Golden Spirit4,29€.

2. Pen Stroke Eye Shadow: One stroke only. Three eyeshadow pens with a sponge applicator, creamy texture and a silky-matt finish allow an easy handling for long-lasting results. Available in C01 Calm Down 'n' MAUVE On, C02 Pure Silence and C03 mudITATION4,29€.

3. Blush & Bronze: Savannah Soul. This duo scores points with its subtle shimmer effect: the bronzing powder ensures a naturally tanned look while the fine pink blush creates a fresh complexion. Available in C01 Desert Flower5,29€.

4. Fluid Glow: G(l)o(w) for Gold. Can be applied solo or in combination with foundation – the liquid highlighter is a true multi-talent. For a natural and individual glow. The innovative glass container with a pipette applicator allows an accurate dosage. Available in C01 Golden Spirit4,29€.

5. Gel Eye Pencil: Full Metal. The Gel Eye Pencil with an intensive colour-dispersion sets golden, metallic highlights. The gel-like texture is applied on the movable part of the lid as eyeliner. Available in C01 Golden Spirit3,49€.

6. Nail Lacquer: Nomadic Nails. Four limited nail polishes: mauve, pink with a blue shimmer, a dark nude and mud with a golden shimmer – inspired by cactus blossoms, sand and stones. Available in C01 Calm Down 'n'; MAUVE On, C02 Touched By Peace, C03 mudITATION and C04 Quietude2,59€.

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28. maj 2016

Essence The Beach House TE First Impressions

Essence The Beach House TE First Impressions

When I was making a preview about this summer collection by Essence, called The Beach House, I already picked some products that I would take a closer look in the store. These products were the beach glow fluid, kabuki brush, also a nail polish and a bag. Just the next day I got a package from Dominur (which represents Essence and Catrice), with a lot of products to test out. Thank you Dominur! So let's see what are my first impressions.

24. maj 2016

Avon True Color Matt Eyeshadow Quad in Au Naturale

I have never tried any eyeshadows by Avon, so I was very excited when I received this eyeshadow quad. It is called Au Naturale and the shades are perfect for me. I love wearing brown neutral shades on my eyelids because they emphasize my blue-green eyes.

Avon True Color Matt Eyeshadow Quad in Au Naturale

Eyeshadows come in a glossy black packaging (every fingerprint is visible), that is good quality. It contains 5g of the product. On the back, you can see the name of the palette.  On the inside is a mirror, which is always handy. In the palette, you also get a foam applicator. I usually don't use them, I prefer brushes, but it is great to have it in the palette, so you don't have to bring a separate brush if you are travelling.  That's why this palette is perfect for travelling, you have four neutral shades of eyeshadows, a mirror and also an applicator.

Avon True Color Matt Eyeshadow Quad in Au Naturale

Avon True Color Matt Eyeshadow Quad in Au Naturale

You can see the shades on the picture below. You can use the lightest shade for under the brow bone, the corners of your eyes etc. And then you get three brown shades. Except for the lightest shade, they are all good pigmented and they blend nicely. Eyeshadows are silky to the touch. I didn't really experience any fall outs. They did start to crease on my lids after a few hours, but I have oily lids and it was also hot outside the last couple of days. They also faded quite a lot

Overall this is a great palette with neutral eyeshadows, especially for beginners. They could have a better lasting power, but again, I have oily eyelids and I have used a primer from Essence (which works with other eyeshadows I have). A fellow blogger Polona from UniqaPoly said they stayed longer on her lids and she used an Avon or UD primer, so maybe they will last longer with a different primer.

These eyeshadow quads normally cost 10.6, but usually, they are on sale.

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*This product was sent to me

16. maj 2016

Preview: Essence The Beach House TE

Everything is better at the beach! Clear blue skies and the endless open space of the ocean: essence will be experiencing some unforgettable moments down by the sea with the trend edition “the beach house” from mid June until mid July 2016. Aquatic turquoise and petrol, sandy shades, off-white and pink as well as coral as contrasting colours create a light, summery make-up look. Four nail polishes with maritime effects like the “water shine” finish ensure cool styles and the beach glow fluid provides sunshine girls with a light tan. And to make sure that all beach beauties don’t have to go without their favorite products when they are out and about, there’s a mini beach bag with plenty of room for essential beauty pieces. Every summer writes its own story, especially when you spend it with your best friends… and essence!

Preview: Essence The Beach House TE

14. maj 2016

Blue Collaboration with Valentina from Brownimalist

This is my first ever collaboration on my blog. I teamed up with Valentina from Brownimalist. You should definitely check out her blog, because she does great reviews and also her pictures are stunning (her blog is in slovene). She is doing some collaborations with Slovenian bloggers. She is making something like a rainbow themed posts, in every post there will be one main color. I have products with blue packaging.
With blue packaging I mainly have Balea and Essence, which are two very affordable brands, that I like to use. I had some problems with the lighting, I took the pictures of individual products a couple of times and the pictures didn't really look good, but I decided to include them anyway.

09. maj 2016

Avon Care Cocoa Butter Line

Quite some time ago, Avon surprised some bloggers with a whole line of products, called Cocoa Butter. I really took my time to try these products out. They all smell amazing but the scent is not overwhelming. I like three of the products, but one disappointed me. Keep reading if you want to know which one.

Avon Care Cocoa Butter Lip Butter

05. maj 2016

Random Monthly Pictures #6

Here I am again with some pictures I took throughout the month. I know I probably shouldn't name this posts Random Monthly Pictures, because I don't really post them every month. I will try to post every month, if not, I will just rename them. In this post there will be more photos of nature, because I bought a new phone and I wanted to try the camera. April was lovely here in Slovenia and everything was blooming (well, except a few days when it was snowing). Some pictures are taken with Snapchat, so they are lower quality.

01. maj 2016

Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Sheer Citrus

Some time ago Avon surprised me with this lovely nail polish. It's called Sheer Citrus and it's from their Nailwear Pro+ line.
For this swatch I used 4 coats and it still isn't fully opaque, you can still see white tips of the nails. I couldn't capture the right color, on the picture it looks like a more like a rosy shade, but in person it's more like a peachy orange (I find it very similar to Essence's Indian Summer). The brush is straight cut and easy to work with and the polish dries fast. I have been wearing it for three days and in this time it didn't chip. 
It's a gorgeous color to wear in spring and summer, but I probably won't be wearing it much, because it's so sheer (by Essence's Indian Summer only two coats are needed and it's almost the exact color).
You can get 10ml of the polish for 5,90€.

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