Avon True Color Matt Eyeshadow Quad in Au Naturale

I have never tried any eyeshadows by Avon, so I was very excited when I received this eyeshadow quad. It is called Au Naturale and the shades are perfect for me. I love wearing brown neutral shades on my eyelids because they emphasize my blue-green eyes.

Avon True Color Matt Eyeshadow Quad in Au Naturale

Eyeshadows come in a glossy black packaging (every fingerprint is visible), that is good quality. It contains 5g of the product. On the back, you can see the name of the palette.  On the inside is a mirror, which is always handy. In the palette, you also get a foam applicator. I usually don't use them, I prefer brushes, but it is great to have it in the palette, so you don't have to bring a separate brush if you are travelling.  That's why this palette is perfect for travelling, you have four neutral shades of eyeshadows, a mirror and also an applicator.

Avon True Color Matt Eyeshadow Quad in Au Naturale

Avon True Color Matt Eyeshadow Quad in Au Naturale

You can see the shades on the picture below. You can use the lightest shade for under the brow bone, the corners of your eyes etc. And then you get three brown shades. Except for the lightest shade, they are all good pigmented and they blend nicely. Eyeshadows are silky to the touch. I didn't really experience any fall outs. They did start to crease on my lids after a few hours, but I have oily lids and it was also hot outside the last couple of days. They also faded quite a lot

Overall this is a great palette with neutral eyeshadows, especially for beginners. They could have a better lasting power, but again, I have oily eyelids and I have used a primer from Essence (which works with other eyeshadows I have). A fellow blogger Polona from UniqaPoly said they stayed longer on her lids and she used an Avon or UD primer, so maybe they will last longer with a different primer.

These eyeshadow quads normally cost 10.6, but usually, they are on sale.

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  1. Mene tudi še tale paletka čaka :) <3

    Izgleda obetavno!

    1. Barve so čudovite, vse super, ampak kot sem napisala, obstojnost me je malo razočarala, ampak bo mogoče z kakšnim drugim primerjem boljše :) <3