26. februar 2016

Essence I Love Trends Nail Polish The Metals in 33 Rose Beats

The polish is called 33 Rose Beats. It is a part of The Metals collection, which is a new addition to I Love Trends nail polishes by Essence. You can already find it in Müller. This nail polish has a rose-gold color with metallic effect. The brush is good, but not my favourite. I prefer the brush in The Gel Nail Polish line from Essence. You don't have to be super careful with it when applying the polish, the strokes won't be so visible as by some other nail polishes with metallic effect. You could apply only one coat, but for me it wasn't enough. On the swatches bellow I applied two coats, as usual. 

Essence I Love Trends The Metals 33 Rose Beats

Here you can see the swatch on natural lightning. Like I mentioned, gorgeous rose-gold color with metallic effect. The polish lasted on my nails for two days (I didn't use topcoat). I like this polish a lot! I will probably buy one or two more from The Metals collection. The nail polish comes in a classic Essence I <3 Trends bottle. You get 8ml for 1,99€.

Did you buy any of the new nail polishes from Essence? 
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21. februar 2016

New In #11


Avon sent me and fellow bloggers a Valentines day gift. I was so surprised, I was in school, waiting literally all day for my exam and I had a fever, but then I came home and this package was waiting for me. It really made my whole day better. Thank you Avon!

19. februar 2016

Random Monthly Pictures #5

Pust 2016

Today I have a Random Monthly Pictures post for you. Again, I have to start taking more pictures! In February we have Pust (Carnival) and for me this is one of the most interesting events in the whole year. Basically, it's like Halloween, but more interesting. We dress up and go to different parades and parties. I would have more pictures, but I mostly took videos and I forgot about pictures :/ Most of the pictures are from the parade, but first one are homemade krofi (some kind of doughnuts). We eat them mostly around Carnival time and on the second one you can see my planner. On the third are Mickey Mouses and Minnies in a parade, fourth are some children that made their snowman costumes themselves out of cups and other stuff. On the fifth picture is my boyfriend in a traditional costume - Kurent. And on the last picture you can see more of Kurents. By jumping they chase evil spirits and winter away and call the spring and a good harvest. 

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13. februar 2016

Avon Outspoken Party! by Fergie

Outspoken Party is a collaboration between Fergie and Avon. It's a fourth fragrance from the Outspoken range, you can also get original Outspoken, Outspoken Intense and Outspoken Fresh. I think it came out in summer 2015. Avon kindly sent it to me at the start of December. This is my first Avon perfume and I love the sweet scent.

Avon Outspoken Party! by Fergie

The scent is strong but not overwhelmingAs soon as I opened the package I could smell this perfume, that's how strong it is. Actually, it's strong at the start, but then it slowly fades away a little bit, but the scent stays the entire day. It has top notes of raspberry, middle notes of peony and for the base crème brulèe and sandalwood. I'm not very good at describing scents, to me at the start it smells like raspberry and peony, very sweet and a little floraly (but not too much). Later I can smell sandalwood and crème brulèe too. 

Avon Outspoken Party! by Fergie

It comes in a dark purple and rose-gold bottle with a clear diamondy shape cap. I think I have a thing for purple-pink bottles, one of my favourite fragrances are this color, for example Magic Woman by Bruno Banani. 

Avon Outspoken Party! by Fergie

Overall this is a great perfume. It has become my favourite besides Katy Perry's Killer Queen. You get 50ml for 32€, which I think is very affordable. You can also check a review on this perfume on Petra's blog here

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*This product was sent to me

08. februar 2016

NOTD: Essence Serendipity

Essence The Gel Nail Polish 37 Serendipity

It's been quite some time from when I posted my last post. The main reason are finals. Now I have a little time to write a blog post, maybe even two. I still have two more finals and then I'm done with this semester and I can focus on my blog more. :)
So today I decided to post a notd. Essence The Gel Nail Polish in 37 Serendipity is my favorite right now. I had a long phase with dark red nail polishes, but now it's finally time to go with something lighter. I had a similar color nail polish from Essence before, which I loved, it was a long time ago, when they still had those small bottles in color&go line. It was called Got a Secret. I think Serendipity is very similar to it, except it's Got a Secret was a bit lighter.
Serendipity is a nice light gray shade. What I think about Essence's gel range (formula, brush...) you can see here. This nail polish is good pigmented but I think you will still need two coats. With the Essence gel top coat, the nail polish lasted on my nails for almost a whole week. 

Do you like this nail polish?
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