30. oktober 2015

New In #9

I know I haven't been blogging much, my life right now is just a mess with school starting, exams already, I have been sick and I had some other problems too. I had some pictures for this post for a while now, so I decided to sit down and write a post. Today I have a beauty haul for you. If you would like to see a review of something, just comment down below. I don't have much time, so lets get started. 

I love... cosmetics shower gel, catrice absolute matt palette

19. oktober 2015

Preview: Catrice Treasure Trove LE

Here is a preview of Treasure Trove limited edition from Catrice. I can only say one thing about it: packaging! I love star pattern anything so I was very excited when I saw that they are all over these products. Although, colors didn't impress me much, except for the blush and one nail polish in C04 Treasured Twinkles. If you want to see more, keep reading!

Sparkling Gems. Opulent jewellery, elaborate sequin embroidery and iridescent lurex materials crown the winter holiday season. The new designer collections are extremely glamorous with “bejewelled” and lavishly decorated clothing. A festive, feminine make-up look is the ideal match for the unique fashion highlights. The Limited Edition “Treasure Trove” by CATRICE presents the most important beauty pieces for this style from mid November 2015 until the beginning of January 2016. The limited musthaves are matt or shimmering and greet us in elegant champagne-gold, warm brown and beige shades as well as contrasting apricot or red. The eye shadow palette with eight highly-pigmented eyeshadow colours, a golden powder with a glow and four nail polishes with a light pearl effect ensure an unforgettable festive season. Celebrate Good Times – by CATRICE. 

17. oktober 2015

Essence Pure Nude Makeup

Today I have for you a review on Essence Pure Nude Make-up. I have seen some posts about it and first I didn't plan to review it. Then I realised that most of the girls aren't really satisfied with it and decided to make a review anyway, because I like it. It's my first proper foundation (I already had one Essence and one Manhattan foundation, but I didn't wear them. Manhattan wasn't even my skin color, but that was years ago, when I didn't know anything about foundations). 
First something about my skin. I didn't wear foundation, because I don't have acne, mostly I have clear skin, although sometimes I get that small annoying pimples on my forehead and nose, but you can't really see them, unless you look close. I only bought this foundation to even out my skin a little bit.

Essence Pure Nude Makeup 20 pure sand review

What Essence says about it: natural nude… the new foundation convinces with its light texture and natural finish. it reliably conceals irregularities of the skin and has a subtle mattifying effect. the liquid formula blends wonderfully with the skin for a gorgeous “no make-up” feeling. So, lets see what I think about it.

Packaging and Shade

The foundation comes in a plastic packaging. You can't see how much product is left. It has a pump, which works well, I didn't have any problems with it. A big plus to me is, that it also comes with a tape around the lid, so people can't open every single foundation to test them (that's what testers are for!). You get 30ml of product in the packaging.
You can get this foundation in three shades: 10 pure beige, 20 pure nude and 30 pure honey. I bought the second shade. First I wanted to get shade 30 because I had a tan, but now I'm happy that I chose this one because it matches perfectly with my skin. 

Essence Pure Nude Makeup 20 pure sand review

Texture, Coverage and Staying Power

The foundation is quite runny, it is really easy to blend. I apply it with the sponge (I have one sponge from Tedi and one from eBay). It has a very light coverage. For me this is enough, but if you want better coverage, this foundation won't be for you. It actually looks like I don't wear a foundation, but in the same time it does even out my skin a little bit. They say that foundation should mattify the skin, but it doesn't mattify mine really well, because I have normal to oily skin. I set it with an Essence Mattifying Compact Powder. With this combination it lasts on my skin for almost a whole day.

Essence Pure Nude Makeup 20 pure sand review

Overall, this is a great foundation for someone who likes a natural finish. You won't even notice when you will be wearing it. The one thing that bothered me very much at the beginning was the scent, which is very strong, I can't even describe it. But then, after a couple of uses I got used to it, now it doesn't even bother me, sometimes I don't even notice it, when I'm applying the foundation.

I got it in Müller for 4,29€.

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think about it?
Thank you for reading!

12. oktober 2015

Preview: Essence All That Greys TE

I usually don't post previews of new beauty releases, but this one caught my eye, so I decided to post a preview. I really enjoyed making this post, so maybe I will do them more. What do you think? Should I post more of these? 

Grey shades! With the new trend edition “all that greys”, essence is taking a journey back in time to the “Roaring Twenties” – famous for its wild parties and many Hollywood beauties - from mid November to mid December 2015. The collection offers exciting party-proof products that focus on the trendiest colour of 2016: grey. Elegant grey shades meet upon rosy-red shades and merge into a perfect union for the retro-glam of the 1920’s. The it-pieces include an eyeshadow palette with seven powdery shades and various effects, a smokey eye pencil with a spring-loaded sponge applicator and corner lashes for fabulous lash highlights. The Charleston style hair bandeau perfectly rounds off the expressive look. Let’s celebrate… with essence!

Preview: Essence All That Greys TE

Porcelain loose face & body powder: Porcelain Glow. The light, loose powder in soft nude contains light reflecting pigments to give your face and body a beautiful glow. The powder puff captures and blends the powder perfectly. Available in 01 be classy & fabulous. Price: 3,59€.

Hair bandeau: Turn back time! The breathtaking anthracite-black hair band with silver sequins is reminiscent of the legendary Charleston look and captures the unique charm of the 20’s. Available in 01 ladies´ choice. Price: 2,19€.

Lipgloss: Kiss and tell! The lipglosses with a high coverage provide the lips with gorgeous colour accents and a glossy finish in intensive dark red and soft rosewood. Available in 01 roaring red and 02 that´s what rose would do. Price: 2,19€.

Nail stickers: Pearls & lace. Turn the nails into works of art with these two self-adhesive sticker versions – a black lace band and single light pearls. An absolute eye-catcher and totally unique. Available in 01 dressed in lace & pearls. Price: 1,59€.

Preview: Essence All That Greys TE

Eyeshadow palette: Rose, Red & Grey! The eyeshadow palette offers the entire colour range of the trend edition with seven different shades. The soft, powdery texture with a high coverage is easy to apply with the duo-applicator. Thanks to the integrated mirror, you can refresh your make-up on the way from the dance floor to the bar. Available in 01 7 shades of rose and grey. Price: 5,49€.

Corner lashes: That Twenties Look. The corner lashes create an expressive look in a flash. Applied on the outer corners of the eye, these false lashes emphasise and add density to your own lashes. Includes lash glue. Available in 01 a little party never killed nobody. Price: 2,79€.

Smokey eye pencil: Powder Pencil! The high-quality smokey eye pencil in black and silvermetallic with a spring-loaded sponge applicator ensures a particularly comfortable application of eyeshadow powder. Each time the eye pencil is opened, the sponge absorbs powder from the lid so that it can easily be applied and blended using the applicator. Available in 01 back to black and 02 greyt times. Price: 3,29€.

Preview: Essence All That Greys TE

Nail polish: Gatsby's collection! Four cool shades ranging from stone grey to anthracite to black and dark red allow you to create totally trendy nail styles. Two effects - pearly matt and high gloss, ensure diverse looks. Available in 01 back to black, 02 step into the grey zone, 03 greyt times, 04 girl with a pearl and 05 roaring red. Price: 2,19€.

Do you like this collection? Will you buy anything?

Thank you for reading!

08. oktober 2015

NOTD: Essence The Gel Nail Polish in 49 Turn The Lights On!

This nail polish from Essence it's new in their The Gel nail polish range, it's called Turn The Lights On!
I would describe this color as almost white with a hint of blue. I applied two coats and on top a top coat from the same range. I don't use the matching base coat, because it has disappointed me when I've used it. I just use a top coat and the polish doesn't chip after a third-fourth, maybe even fifth day, once it lasted on me for eight days! (I just had white tips).

Thank you for reading!

01. oktober 2015

Random Monthly Pictures #2

1. Some stuff I bought a month ago: Catrice Absolute Matt eyeshadow palette (review here), Essence Pure Nude Makeup and Essence Studio Nails caring nail oil. | 2. Autumn, leaves. | 3. My beautiful doggie. | 4. Grapes, vineyard. | 5. My gorgeous planner (review here) | 6. I love Tedi. They get me excited for Christmas stuff already in summer haha. | 7. Vineyard. | 8. New stuff from Beauty World. I bought Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara in waterproof, Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty TE nail polish (swatch here). The lady also gave me some stickers for french manicure as a gift. | 9. Finally a new season of Once Upon A Time started!

Thank you for reading!

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