29. maj 2015

First Impression: Makeup Revolution Iconic Blush, Bronze & Brighten Palette

Today I have a first impression of a palette, that I showed you in my last New In post.
First lets talk about the packaging. It's simple and sturdy, like all the paletts from Makeup Revolution. This contour palette it's available in 4 shade variations: Flush, Rave, Smoulder and Golden Hot. I have a Flush one. I also like that it has a big mirror on the inside. It is perfect for travelling, because it's so small and you have everything in it. It has a blush, bronzer and highlighting powder. In the palette you get 11g of product. 

Blusher, bronzer and highlighter are all well pigmented, but not too much and they blend easily. The bronzer could be a little bit more dark for my skintone, but it's ok. The highlighter is a nice colour with a little bit of shimmer. You can use it under your brow bone or in the corners of your eyes too. And the blush is a pretty coral shodeYou can see all the swatches on the picture bellow.

This are my first impressions on this palette. I bought it on Licila.si for 5,95€, you can get it for £4.00 on Makeup Revolution online store.

Thank you for reading!

13. maj 2015

More Essence Gel Nail Polish Swatches

Today I have more Essence Gel Nail Polish Swatches. I talked about them here, now I only have swatches of Do you speak love? and Love is in the air

14 Do you speak love? is a deep dark red colour. Opaque in two coats. It can stain your nails a little bit. This one is one of my favourites from this gel line.

38 Love is in the air is a pastel yellow colour. I usually don't like yellow or green-ish nail polishes, but this one is gorgeous! Again, two coats.

In my first post about this nail polishes, I said that I can't say anything on how long they last on my nails. I have tested the white one (Wild White Ways) and it lasted for a couple of days, with gel top coat. I was impressed!

What do you think about this nail polishes? Which one is your favourite?
Thank you for reading!

06. maj 2015

Forever Repurchased #2

Today I have the second post about the products I always repurchase. You can see first one here.

Afrodita Shampoo - My mother always buys this shampoo, because we both love it. It cleans my hair good and leaves a great smell (It isn't intense, but you can still smell it). I started using it, because I've had ombre hair for a long time and my hair was very damaged. I have a feeling that this shampoo doesn't dry my hair and it leaves it very soft.
Garnier Conditioner (avocado and shea butter) - Again, I started using it, when I had ombre hair. I love love love this conditioner! It contains avocano, which is very good for your hair. After this my hair is very soft.
Gliss Kur Leave In Conditioner - I have used this for a couple of years. Everytime I pick a differrent one and they all are amazing. I use it when I wash my hair. It helps to detangle my hair.
Essence Eyeliner Pen - This one was one of my very first eyeliners. It doesn't smear and it stays through the day.
Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara - All my favourites mascaras are from Maybelline, but this one I use the most. It gives volume to my lashes. I can't say much about the lenght, because I already have long lashes.
Blistex Clasic Lip Protector - I apply this lip balm every morning when I go out, though the day and before I go to sleep. My lips are pretty dry and I noticed that this lip balm really helps them. 

Thank you for reading!

02. maj 2015

Forever Repurchased #1

Today I have a new series for you, products I always repurchase, because I like them so much. 

Afrodita cleansing foam - I have been using Afrodita's cleansing foams for very long time. Some time ago I decided to try Nivea's cleansing foam, but it didn't work so well, so I was back at this one. I mostly use it to clean my face makeup, but recently I have been using it to remove eye makeup too. I love it, it doesn't irritate my skin or eyes and it doesn't break me out.
Afrodita Aloe Vera Creme - Another product that I have been using for a long time. My mother used it and through my mother I actually discovered Afrodita. It contains aloe vera, which I discovered is very good for my skin. It is moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling good.
Balea peeling gel - Peeling that I love. It's cheap (1.95€ I believe) and it cleans my skin very well. 
Aveo Nagellackentferner - Favourite nail polish remover. Also very affordable (under 2€). It doesn't dry my nails and cuticles like other removers that I tried. It removes nail polish quick.
Katy Perry Perfume - Actually my boyfrind gave this to my on our anniversary  some time ago and this is already my third bottle. I won't describe the scent, because I'm not good at this. I can only say that it lasts long.

Thank you for reading!

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