28. julij 2015

Essence And Catrice Wishlist

First Essence. I'm looking forward to the brush pouch, so I can store my brushes when I travel. Also, it will be interesting to see if this Pure Nude Makeup works well with my skin. I have been looking for a foundation that would look natural on the face for quite some time now. Of course, I had to include two nail polishes, 48 my love diary and 51 miss captain. I also want to test this repairing nail oil. Of the eyeshadows, only one looks interesting to me, but I don't know if I will really wear it, or do I just like the colour (metal glam 24 let's go burgundy). Last that caught my attention is matt touch blush in 20 berry me up!.

As you can see, I adore the new blushes, almost all of them are on my wishlist (Defining blush - 110 legend berry, Multi matt blush - 010, Love Rosie! and 020 La-Lavender). By the nail polishes, I miss some blue ones, the only one that I plan to buy is this Luxury Lacquers in 11 Red Notting Hill Thrill. I haven't tried any of palettes of Catrice, so I will probably buy this one (Absolute Chocolate Nudes) and the eyeshadow pen in 050 Al Cappuccino. I normaly wear shades like this. I haven't put any lip products on my wishlist yet, because I have enough lipsticks, I don't even wear them much, but this Ultimate Stay Lipstick in 130 Rusty's Gold & Treasure looks like a nice shade. For the last I picked a highlighter in 020 Champagne Campaign.

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27. julij 2015

Mini Beauty Reviews #1

I am starting a new series on my blog, called Mini Beauty Reviews. In each one, I will shortly review some of the products that won't get separate review. Hope you will like it.

Balea Wasserspray
I have seen this product so much on Instagram and blogs, that I had to get it. Basically, it's a spray with water. You just spray it on you and it cools you down. I have been using it so much when I have been to the seaside, it was really a blessing to have it, because the temperatures were up to 39°C, and even the sea had 30,5°. I searched for this in Izola and they didn't have them, I have heard it isn't available anymore.

Essence I Like Long Lashes mascara
Again, I have seen this mascara on Instagram a while ago and I decided to try it. I have had only one Essence mascara that my mom bought me, a couple of years ago. That mascara was horrible, it always smudged around my eyes. Because of that experience I thought all the mascaras from Essence were like that, maybe because of the cheap prize. But this one changed my mind. It doesn't elongate lashes much, like the Maybelline The Rocket Mascara. Actually it's more on the natural side, I use it when I don't want a lot of makeup on my face. And most importantly, it doesn't smudge.

Essence Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener 
This one I have seen on many blogs. I have been using it for half a year, maybe more. In that time my nails amazingly improved. I had very weak nails, I wasn't able to have long nails for very long time. First I wanted to buy Essie's nail hardener, but I have heard so many good reviews on Essence's one, that I decided to try this one first. I use it every couple of days for two days and I can finally have long nails. But I did notice that this nail hardener dries out my nails and cuticles, so I need to apply hand cream more often.

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24. julij 2015

Catrice - It's All I Can Blue

Catrice - It's All I Can Blue
Catrice - It's All I Can Blue

This Catrice nail polish is a gorgeous summery blue. I applied two coats. I like the brush, you can apply nail polish easily. But it did not last long, but any other nail polish by Catrice has not, so it is not a big deal.

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19. julij 2015

Maybelline Colorama 261 and 325

Maybelline Colorama 261 325

Today I have a review for you on Maybelline Colorama nail polishes in 261 and 325. They don't really have a name, just a number. I was in Müller and I saw the 261 one and I loved the colour, so I decided to buy it. Then I saw that they have a sale 2 for 1. I didn't really like the other colour, but I bought the 325 anyway because it was practically for free. On the nails it turned out different and I actually like it. 

Maybelline Colorama

The brush is medium size. I didn't have any problems with the application. The formula is very thin, so it applies really good actually. I used two coats for the swatches to get the real colour (especially by 261), but you could only use two, if you apply the polish evenly. 
I did notice that both of the nail polishes chipped really fast, so I recommend using a top coat.

Maybelline Colorama 261
261 it's a deep red vampi vine colour. I love it on my nails. It looks so elegant. 

Maybelline Colorama 325
325 I can't really describe this colour, it's a purple shade, that's all I can say. 

You get 7 ml for 2,39€. 

I am going on the seaside tomorrow, I come back next week. In the meantime, can you please leave some suggestions of posts I should do on my blog? I kinda ran out of ideas. Thank you!

Thank you for reading!

14. julij 2015

New In #7 (June)

I needed a good sunscreen, so I chose SunDance Protect & Bronze Sunscreen (3,49€). I already have a review on it here. I also got a SunDance Aloe Vera Gel (3,49€). I have tried it only once and I like it.

I smelled Balea Bodylotion in Tropical Sunshine (1,49€) in DM and I had to buy it, because it smelled amazing. It is a limited edition. Then I bought Balea Dusch Peeling (0,99€), which I love! I use it once a week maybe and it smells heavenly. I also got Aveo Nagellackentferner (0,99€) in Müller, like always.

Essence came out with a lovely limited edition collection, so I bought a lipstick in Crew First!, blush in Anchors Aweight! and a eau de toilette, which I forgot to include here. I have a review on the collection here.

I used up my Balea Aqua Feuchtigkeits Serum, so I had to buy another one.

I could't leave the store without a couple of nail polishes, so I picked up three Essence nail polishes: #Paradise (swatch here), Ahoy Boy! from Nauti Girl LE (swatch here), Hola, Guapa from Arriba LE (swatch here). I also got Manhattan Quick dry nail polish in 57U (swatch here).

Thank you for reading!

09. julij 2015

Sundance Protect & Bronze Sunscreen

Today I have a review for you, (or maybe first impression?). I don't know exactly, I have been testing it pretty much every day when I have gone to the pool... If you are interested, keep reading!

Sundance schutz and bräune sonnenmilch

SUN DANCE Schütz & Bräune Sonnenmilch (SPF 20) it's a sunscreen, but not a normal sunscreen, you can actually get a tan with it. I tan very fast, even if I use the sunscreen, so I didn't see a difference in that field. But just the sunscreen is very good. It doesn't leave white strikes on the body and it isn't sticky. That's two things I hate the most about sunscreens. I am not good at applying sunscreen just because I hate that sticky feeling (and I'm a bit lazy), so this one is great for me, because it soaks quickly in the skin too. 
I will definitely keep using it, because I haven't found a sunscreen yet, that would be so good for this prize (3-4€). If you are looking for cheap and good sunscreen, I would definitely recommend it to you.

Sundance schutz and bräune sonnenmilch

Sundance schutz and bräune sonnenmilch

You can get it in DM for around 3-4€, it contains 200ml. 

Thank you for reading!

01. julij 2015

Empties #4

Today I have another empties post for you. 

Afrodita Cleansing Foam - It was my favourite for years (you can read about it here), but now I discovered that Balea Washgel works even better for my skin and it's cheaper.
Bioderma and Avene samples - I always had samples from this two companies, because my grandfather worked in a medical field and always brought me some samples from them. I have always liked them, but I have never purchased anything from them myself. 
Afrodita Aloe Vera Creme - Also a favourite of mine for years (read more here). 
Nivea - Good old Nivea. This one I sometimes use on my legs, because it moisturises very well.

Aveo Kokos Bodylotion - At first I loved the smell of this bodylotion, but already after a couple of days I got bored of it. But I still used it up, because I don't usually like to throw away things if they aren't empty.
Kamill Hand & Nagelcreme - I loved this one! It moisturises my hands very good and leaves them soft.
Aveo Nagellackentferner - I talked about it here
Dove Deodorant - I repurchase this everytime, that's how much I like it.

Labelo Lippenpflege - I recently found a bunch of this Labelo lipbalms all around my room. I throw them all away. And then when I was cleaning my room again I found more of them! I asked my mother and she said that I was crazy about them when I was little, I wanted to have all the colors haha!

Essence Eyeliner Pen - My perfect eyeliner. I stick  to it, because it's cheap and it works great. It makes a fine line, which I like.
Essence Lipglosses - I don't even want to know how old are these, probably around 4-5 years. I found them, when I was cleaning my room. I remember that I didn't use them much. This ones are one of my first lipglosses and one of the lasts haha, I just don't like wearing lipglosses.
Ramdom Lipgloss and Brow Pencil - I don't know where this ones are from, again I found them when I was cleaning my room. I didn't use them.

Subrina Shampoo - I used to love this shampoo, I still have a bottle or two at home, but I much prefer the Afrodita one.
Garnier Avocado and Shea Butter Conditioner - I talked about it here

Ebelin Wattepads - They remove makeup and also nail polish very well.
Balea Erfrischende Reiningunstücher - I have have used them for a long time, but I thing they irritate my eyes a little bit, so I stopped using them.
Essence Powders - My favourite powder of all time. It is cheap (around 4€?) and it mattifies my skin for almost a whole day. I already purchased my 4th or 5th one.

S-he, Vollaire Joy Nail Polishes - First s-he nail polish lasted me around 3-4 years, unbelievable! I much prefer their older polishes, I still have some of them and they are still great! But this new one on the right (turquoise) didn't lasted even for half a year. Vollaire nail polish I also have for a long time and it dried out.

Thank you for reading!

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