26. junij 2015

Manhattan Nail Polish - Quick Dry 57U

Manhattan 57U

Manhattan Quick Dry Nail Polish 57U (two coats)
I was impressed how quickly this polish has dried, it took only like a minute or so. I had to get this one because it is a beautiful berry red colour that I love so much (it is similar to Essence Gel Nail Polish "True Love").

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21. junij 2015

Essence Nauti Girl LE

When I heard that this collection was out, I had to get a few things right away. I really like the design and the colours of this collection, they remind me of summer and sea, which I love.

First the perfume. It is a nice fresh summer scent. I  don't know how to describe it well, I'm just not good at it. It contains 10ml.

I picked up this shade (02 Crew First) of lipstick because I thought it was a nice colour for summer, but when I put it on lips it didn't look good. I think this shade doesn't suite my skin tone so much, so I will pobably give it to someone. But the formula is nice and creamy, it is almost like a tinded lipbalm.

Essence nauti girl blush anchors aweigh!

I fell in love with this blush (01 Anchors Aweigh!). Actually this was the number one on my list to buy from this collection, aside with the 01 Baila, baila blush from Aribba collection (You can see a notd from chalky mat nail polish in 01 Hola, Guapa here). But when I swatched the aribba one, it wasn't good pigmented, so I just purchased this one. I love the anchor on it. It is a coraly colour and the pigmentation is very good, actually I have to be careful when applying it.

Essence nauti girl ahoy boy

From the nail polishes I wanted to pick up this gorgeous blue shade one (01 Ahoy, Boy!) and the one in 04 Crew First, but this last one was sold out. So I just picked up this one. I suggest to use a base coat under this one, because it is a deep strong blue colour that can stain your nails.

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16. junij 2015

Essence Arriba Le Chalky Matt - 01 hola, guapa

Essence aribba limited edition hola, guapa
Essence LE Arriba - Hola, Guapa
I'm sorry that I haven't been posting much on my blog. I had my finals. So I just post some notd-s, because this is the easiest to do and not that time consuming. I want to show you my last nail polish purchases too. 
I only have 2 finals left (slovene and german) and that's it! My last one is on 22.6. and I promise after that I will blog more. 

On the picture is a nail polish, from Essence LE Arriba, called Hola, Guapa. I fell in love with this one. First I wanted to take this one and a turquoise one, but that I decided that I have to many turquoise ones. Hola, Guapa is a light pink colour with really chalky finish. I only had it on for two days and it lasted without chipping. But I have heard that it doesn't last very long, just because you can't use a top coat if you want that chalky finish.

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11. junij 2015

Essence - #Paradise

Essence #paradisse the gel nailpolish
Essence - 29 #Paradise (Two coats)

06. junij 2015

New in #6 (May)

This month I decided not to buy so many beauty products, but I ended up using up my everyday products, so I had to buy some. Typically, I forgot to include some things that I ordered from Born Pretty Store... So, here is the list: 

Subrina Repair & Care Shampoo
Balea Reinigende Maske (Zink) (DM, 0.95€)
Melvita samples
Essence Mattifying Compact Powder
Essence I Like Long Lashes! Mascara (Müller, 2.99€)
Essence Studio Nails Caring Nail Oil
Born Pretty Nail Art Brush
Essence Gel Nail Polish Base
Essence Gel Nail Polishes  (38 Love Is In The Air, 14 Do You Speak Love?) (Müller, 1.69€)
Balea Aquaspray (DM, 1.49€)
Acuvue 14-day and 1-day Contact Lenses (Lecka.net) 
E-bay Stamper (ebay£1.19)
E-bay Brush (ebay, £0.99)

Would you like me to review some products? Tell me in the comments. :)
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