Essence Arriba Le Chalky Matt - 01 hola, guapa

Essence aribba limited edition hola, guapa
Essence LE Arriba - Hola, Guapa
I'm sorry that I haven't been posting much on my blog. I had my finals. So I just post some notd-s, because this is the easiest to do and not that time consuming. I want to show you my last nail polish purchases too. 
I only have 2 finals left (slovene and german) and that's it! My last one is on 22.6. and I promise after that I will blog more. 

On the picture is a nail polish, from Essence LE Arriba, called Hola, Guapa. I fell in love with this one. First I wanted to take this one and a turquoise one, but that I decided that I have to many turquoise ones. Hola, Guapa is a light pink colour with really chalky finish. I only had it on for two days and it lasted without chipping. But I have heard that it doesn't last very long, just because you can't use a top coat if you want that chalky finish.

Thank you for reading! 


  1. Such a pretty colour !

  2. Lep odtenek, čeprav nisem velik fan mat finišev pri lakih (obratno je pri senčkah ;) ) Srečno še naprej v šoli ;) Jaz sem končno fertik z vsemi spraševanji in testi za letos :D