29. november 2015

Some more facts about me!

Kinder Advent Calendar

1. I'm very stubborn
2. I have never dyed my hair, except for my ends (I had like an ombre blond dip dye)
3. I like watching cartoons
4. I like watching sports time-to-time (mostly skiing and football)
5. I looove sour sweets
6. I hate public presentation (and on my school we have them a lot)
7. I have a younger brother
8. I didn't know what I want to be for so long. When I needed to choose a school, I went to "gimnazija". And then, of course, I didn't know which faculty to go to, basically I waited for the last day and luckily my friend told me about a program that I like and go to now.
9. I can't cook
10. I love decorating and journaling
11. I love playing games (board games, pc games, wii games..)
12. I love grape flavoured anything
13. I'm afraid of heights
14. I hate cheese (I like it on pizza, but I always ask for less cheese)
15. I don't like chocolate, except for Kinder, I love Kinder everything. This year I was very excited when I saw Kinder advent calendars and of course I had to get one. You can see it on the start of this post.
16. I love candles, I burn them almost every day
17. I don't like the color green.
18. I rarely wear lipstick
19. My favourite makeup item is mascara
19. I love nail polishes
20. I love scarves and cosy socks
21. I like watching series (Friends, Once Upon a Time...)
22. My actual name is Svetlana, but I don't like it, I much prefer just Lana :)

Thank you for reading!

16. november 2015

Random Monthly Pictures #3

1. Favourite fall nail polish: Maybeline Colorama 261 | 2. Summer and 23°C in November | 3. and 4. Fall, leaves, Maribor | 
5. Chocolate Lolipop | 6. A swann, Ptujsko jezero.

Thank you for reading!

09. november 2015

News from Catrice and Essence

Hello everybody! Today I have some news from Essence and Catrice. Essence will be releasing two TEs Love Joy Care and Winter Wonderful and Catrice Rough Luxury LE. 

Essence Love Joy Care TE
Girls time! Beauty time! There’s nothing more fun than relaxing at home with your best friends on a cold winter evening. With the new trend edition “love.joy.care”, essence transforms your own four walls into a personal wellness oasis from mid December 2015 to mid January 2016. The cheerful, bright colour scheme with pink, coral, fuchsia, violet and light blue spreads a feeling of pure joy. The collection offers the ideal products for a spa party with a fun factor! It all starts with exciting must-haves for a perfect manicure like the nail oil with a practical brush applicator or the nail strengthening colour+care nail polishes. The innovative lip oil with a light, glossy texture and subtle colour-dispersion ensures ultra-smooth lips. After the beauty treatments, the sleep mask guarantees a good night’s sleep. And thanks to the gel-pads, your eyes will look fresh and rested – even after a long night of partying. Have fun and care… with essence! 

Essence Love Joy Care TE

07. november 2015

Empties #5

Balea Bodylotion in Tropical Sunshine and Mango Mambo
I bought the first one in June, it is a limited edition, but it is still available in DM. The smell is what it says, tropical mango, to me it smells amazing, so I bought another one. The second one smells good too, but it didn't impress me. They aren't the most moisturizing, but they are cheap (around 1,5€).

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