26. februar 2017

New In #18

Avon Mark.

Avon Mark. Magix Face Primer*
Avon Mark. Nail Enamel Wine and Dine Me*
Avon Mark. Glossy Tube Lip Gloss*
I was lucky to attend the Avon blogger event, where they presented the Mark line to us. It's a new line by Avon. I love how minimalistic black and white the packaging is, but inside there are products, that are very colourful. I haven't really tried anything yet, but I will make a separate post about them.

20. februar 2017

Golden Rose Wow! Nail Colour 67

Golden Rose Wow! Nail Colour 67

I have heard so many good things about Golden Rose brand, mostly about their liquid lipstick, so I decided to get one of their Wow! nail polishes as part of my Licila.si order.
The Wow! nail polish comes in a small round bottle, which contains 6 ml of product and I think it costs 1€. The brush is small, narrow and straight cut. It is a bit too small, I didn't like it, it was hard to apply the polish evenly on the nails. 

15. februar 2017

4 Kids And Us Rejuvenating Day Cream (eng and slo)

4 Kids And Us Rejuvenating Day Cream

For today I prepared a review on 4 Kids and Us Rejuvenating Day Cream. The brand was created by two parents whose children had skin problems, so they decided to make their own natural cosmetics. All 4 Kids and Us products are handmade in Slovenia, they are not tested on animals and all the ingredients are naturalA lot of Slovenian bloggers already talked about the brand and I haven't read one bad thing about it. I got some products last year on SummerMBeauty blogger event, I already talked about the anti-cellulite cream (I put it in my summer favourites). The day cream I started using this year, because I heard so many positive reviews. At first, it didn't really impress me, but now I love it.

09. februar 2017

Empties #9

Empties #9 Balea

Afrodita Cosmetics Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream
I still use it every morning and I still love it.

Balea Aqua Feuchtigkeits Creme & Serum & Maske
My beloved trio. More about them here and here.

04. februar 2017

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 38 Vino Tinto

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 38 Vino Tinto

I thought I did a review of this nail polish last winter, but then I remembered I took the pictures, but I didn't like them, so I didn't post the review. Now I took some pictures again and I'm finally writing a review on my most used nail polish in autumn and winter.

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