Golden Rose Wow! Nail Colour 67

20. februar 2017

Golden Rose Wow! Nail Colour 67

I have heard so many good things about Golden Rose brand, mostly about their liquid lipstick, so I decided to get one of their Wow! nail polishes as part of my order.
The Wow! nail polish comes in a small round bottle, which contains 6 ml of product and I think it costs 1€. The brush is small, narrow and straight cut. It is a bit too small, I didn't like it, it was hard to apply the polish evenly on the nails. 

Golden Rose Wow! Nail Colour 67

I chose the shade 67, which is a very light grey colour. I am not the fan of the formula, it is one of those creamy formulas, that are usually hard to work with. Pair this with the small brush and my clumsiness and it gets a bit messy. I used two coats. It has an average drying time, nothing special. I wore it once so far and it started to chip on the second day, but I didn't wear a top coat. One the left picture you can see how it looks like in the sun and on the right, how it looks like in the shadow.

Golden Rose Wow! Nail Colour 67 Swatch

I don't really know if I like it or not, it's not bad, but I have other similar shades, which have better formulas. I know some bloggers talked about their nail polishes and most of them liked them, so maybe their other polishes are better?

Thank you for reading!

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