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Hello and welcome to my blog! I'm Lana, the creator of the blog Lana Talks. Ever since I was young, I had a passion for creativity and this blog allowes me to express it. I write about everything that interests me. I started with beauty posts but now I mostly enjoy creating lifestyle and travel content.

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Visiting Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia

If you are visiting Slovenia, you need to put Vintgar Gorge on your list. Vintgar Gorge  (also known as Blejski Vintgar) is a narrow valley or a canyon formed by the ri…

What to do in Jelsa, Hvar in Croatia

About Jelsa and Hvar Island Hvar in Croatia has become immensely popular, especially in the last few years, but don't let this fact turn you off from visiting. The p…

My Travel Wishlist for 2023

I saw the idea of a travel wishlist for 2023 on Lara's blog and on a few others, so I wanted to recreate it. I included some places that I would like to travel to t…