21. maj 2018

The Body Shop New Spring Products

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss Body Cream and Lip Juicer

The Body Shop came out with some interesting products for spring and I got a chance to try two of them, a Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss Body Cream and a Raspberry, Beetroot, Ginger Lip Juicer. There are also some new face products that would be nice to try in the future since I haven't had anything from TBS face related before. I'm a little late with this spring post, but I'm late with everything lately. Don't worry, these two products are part of the regular collection.

12. maj 2018

L.O.V LOVillusion Holographic Highlighter Palette

L.O.V LOVillusion Holographic Highlighter Palette in shade No. 100 Prismatic Attitude

I wanted to do a review of this palette for a while now, but something always came in between. L.O.V Cosmetics is leaving Slovenian drugstores and since I love this palette, I had to make a post about it. I already owned one L.O.V highlighting palette before I got this one, and I really enjoyed using one shade in it, so I had high hopes for this one. If I'm honest, I was over the holo trend and I didn't think this palette would impress me so much, but in the end, it did. The palette is called LOVillusion Holographic Highlighter Palette, I got the shade No. 100 Prismatic Attitude.

06. maj 2018

Perfect Brows with L.O.V

Perfect Brows with L.O.V BROWlights Eyebrow Pomade & Highlighter and BROWttitude Professional Eyebrow Palette

Today I will review two of the new brow products from L.O.V cosmetics. I was sure that both of them are from their limited edition Code: Nude - The Eyebrow Collection. When I started writing this review I realised that only the brow pomade is part of the collection and the brow palette is joining the regular assortment. The limited edition is available since the start of February, but I'm not sure how long these last. Two products that I got to test are the BROWlights Eyebrow Pomade & Highlighter in shade 120 Powerful Ebony and the BROWttitude Professional Eyebrow Palette in shade No. 500 Blonde Perfection.

03. maj 2018

Essence Glow Like... TE Baked Metallic Highlighter in 03 Like Glitter is Raining on You

Essence Glow Like... TE Baked Metallic Highlighter in 03 Like Glitter is Raining on You

Everyone is raving about the new highlighters from the Glow Like... TE by Essence. The collection is all about glowy and dewy skin, included is everything, from powder highlighters, liquid highlighters, sticks, palettes, a dewy finish spray and also a brush. There are three baked highlighters in Glow Like... TE. One is on a lighter side, one is more golden, the third one, that I got, is a gorgeous champagne shade. I don't wear highlighter as much anymore, so I only picked up one, the one I thought would suit my skin best. If you are interested, Petra made a review of the shade 02, she also included some comparisons.

29. april 2018

Essence Happy Kawaii TE

Essence Happy Kawaii Trend Edition (April, May 2018) | Lana Talks

Happy Kawaii is a new trend edition from Essence. The whole collection is about sweet and cute products. The collection is already available and it will be until mid of May, but I'm sure after that you can still find it in some stores. I got a chance to try four of the products, if you want to know what I think about them, keep reading.

27. april 2018

New In #28

New In #28 | The Body Shop

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Cream* and Lip Juicer Raspberry, Beetroot & Ginger*
A review of these two should be up already, but I just didn't find the time to write it. I like the lip juicer, it's quite waxy and well pigmented. It gives a light pink tint to my lips. The body cream smells very nice and floral, I'm not a big fan of floral scents, but I actually like this one. It's the same as other TBS body creams, thick in texture and nourishes the skin well.

12. april 2018

Yanumi 100% Organic Karite Vanilla Shea Butter

Lana Talks | Yanumi 100% Organic Karite Vanilla Shea Butter

I got a chance to test another Yanumi product, this time I will be reviewing their 100% Organic Karite Vanilla Shea Butter. I already mentioned the avocado oil that I use for hair, in my January favourites. Yanumi is a Slovenian natural skincare brand. They are suitable for all skin types, even for a sensitive and damaged skin. All of the products are free of preservatives and other additives. Products are also vegan.

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