24. januar 2016

Random Monthly Pictures + Blogilates

I am a bit late with this post, but I did it anyway because you seem to like this type of posts. :) On the first and second photo you can see Ptujsko jezero, where my boyfriend and I like to go for walks. That day was so sunny and warm (I think that was that warm week in November). On the third photo, you can see snow. I love when it snows. The fourth picture was taken not so long ago, I love this color, it's Essence 37 Serendipity. On the fifth photo you can see two things I got in DM. Apparently I have really dry skin on my arms, so I have to moisturize it with something with urea in it. Dermatologist recommended me Eucerin and La Roche-Posay creams, but they are expensive. So I was in DM and saw this, so I wanted to try this one first. And the Essence The Gel nail polish was a repurchase. And on the last photo you can see some more nature.
I also want to mention, that I want to live healthier. I think that if I write it here on my blog, that I will actually stick to it and maybe motivate some others. No, I do not do this because of some new years resolutions. I worked out a lot in the summer, but then school started. Almost every day I came home late, so I didn't have time. Now when it isn't dark outside so early I have more motivation, and it's finals time, that means no school. I love Blogilates workout videos, so I decided to make at least one video for at least 5 days of the week (I used to do that calendar thing of hers, but I think I am currently not in shape for that). And if I set my goal to do more, I don't know if I will actually do it, so one video it is. + I will do the Thigh Slimming Challenge (you can see it on the picture below).
I don't want to lose weight (maybe 1 or 2kgs), but that's not my main goal. The main reason is to feel good in my body again. I also want to eat healthier. Student live is hard, especially when you are hungry and you don't have time, so you just grab something quick. So, I will work on that too.

Do you like this type of posts? Let me know in the comments! Also, do you want me to make a post about my favourite workout videos by Blogilates?
Thank you for reading!

17. januar 2016

Catrice and Essence Wishlist

Catrice and Essence are coming out with new products for spring and summer 2016. I already made a preview of Catrice products here, but I didn't have time for Essence one. Instead, I made a wishlist for both the brands. Personally, I think there are some products that look promising. You can see which are on my wishlist down bellow.

-First thing by Catrice that I have noticed were these lovely palettes Soft Metal Eyeshadow Palette in 010 Metal' morphosis and Sand Nudes Eyeshadow Palette in 010 Hug S' and Kisses. I really like the colors in both of them. I already have one palette by Catrice, Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette, and I use it almost every day, that's how much I like it.
-Next I chose Prime and Fine Anti-Shine Blur Stick, because I am curious if it will work well on my mixed skin in warmer months.
-I saw some swatches of High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder: 010 Light Infusion on Youtube and some blogs and it looks promising. I don't even have a proper highlighter in my collection, so I have to buy this one.
-I rarely wear lipstick, so I chose only one lip color and this is Supreme Fusion Lipcolour + Care: 010 ReNUDE your lips. This is a shade I will probably wear, but I have to see it first, so I can decide.
-I love mascaras, so I had to choose one. Out of all 3D Lash Multimizer Effect Mascara Waterproof: 010 Black Waterproof looks the best for me.
-This time, nail polish colors didn't impress me so much, except for Ultimate Nail Lacquer: 113 You R On My Mint. I already have some nail polishes in similar color, but you can never have too much of them :)

-In Fall/Winter collection Catrice released a contouring palette and now Essence did the same. The one from Catrice didn't really impress me, it only had two shades, but I think I wouldn't like any of them on my skin. But Essence's Shape Your Face Contouring Palette: 10 ready, set, pink! looks like it has more colors that are suitable for my skin color, we will see.
-Stay All Day Translucent Fixing Powder: 10 translucent. I have never used a translucent powder. Like ever. I am lucky with my skin, so I don't use a lot of powder or foundation. I like Essence's mattifying compact powder, so I wanted to try this one too.
-Lately, I have been more and more into blushes. Blush Ball: 30 cinnamon candy looks interesting, so I might buy it.
-Mosaic Blush: 40 the berry connection. Like I said, I like blushes, but when I look at it now, I don't think I will buy it. The color isn't even the one that I usually go for. Probably I have put it on my wishlist because the design looks pretty.
-I already use and love Essence's Eyeliner Pen. It applies nicely, it doesn't smudge throughout the entire day, so maybe I will try Superfine Eyeliner Pen Waterproof too.
-Now I realized this collection is for Spring/Summer and I have chosen some dark nail polishes like Gel Nail Polish in 68 free hugs and 67 love me like you do (now that song from Ellie Goulding started playing in my head) and in that season I mostly wear bright nail polishes. But still, the shades look lovely.
-For the last one, I chose I Love TRENDS Nail Polish The Metals: 33 rose beats, because it seems like a nice color.
-Essence had a Brush Cleansing Spray in one trend collection in summer I think, and some girls said they liked it, so maybe this one will be good too.

Which products are on your wishlist? Thank you for reading!

13. januar 2016

Rawr Čokolada (slo only)

This post will be only in Slovene
Na blogu sem že omenila, da sicer ne maram čokolade, saj so mi Milke in vse te ostale čokoladne znamke presladke (z izjemo Kinder). Je pa res da obožujem temno čokolado. Ko sem dobila mail o sodelovanju z Rawr čokolado sem že vedela za to znamko, saj so nekatere slovenske blogerke že pisale o njej. Ker sem prebrala veliko pohval, sem na sodelovanje privolila.

Pri nas so Rawr čokolade šele nekaj časa, k nam jih je iz Anglije uvozilo podjetje Moja Čokolada. Vse čokolade so presne, veganske, brez glutena, vsebujejo 100% organske sestavine, so naravno sladkane (za sladilo uporabljajo kokosov sladkor, ki ima nižji glikemični indeks od belega sladkorja) in imajo Fairtrade certifikat (kaj je Fairtrade certifikat?). Prav vse Rawr čokolade so tudi primerne tudi za bolnike s celiakijo. 

Pri nas lahko kupite več vrst oz. okusov čokolade: z okusom pomaranče, z goji jagodami in vanilijo, z okusom mentola, organsko kakavovo tablico z lucomo, 68% organsko čokolado in 80% organsko čokolado. Pri tej čokoladi, me je najprej defenitivno pritegnila njena barvna in zanimiva embalaža. Naj omenim, da uporabljajo takšno, ki jo je mogoče 100% reciklirati. 

Čokolada z okusom pomaranče
Rawr čokolada
Organska čokolada z okusom pomaranče vsebuje najmanj 68% kakavovih delcev, aroma pomaranče pa ji doda svežino in sladek priokus. Sestavine: kakavova masa, kakavovo maslo, kokosov sladkor, lucuma, rožiči, pomarančno olje, vanilija. Sama imam zelo rada pomaranče in tudi temne čokolade, ki aromo le-teh vsebujejo. Pri tej čokoladi je aroma pomaranče zelo izrazita, kar mi je bilo všeč. Čokolada tudi ni pregrenka. 

68% organska čokolada

Malenkost bolj temna, vendar ravno prav sladka, da vas zapelje v pravo čokoladno omamo. Odličen okus klasične čokolade z aromo vanilije vas bo popeljal v čokoladni svet, kjer boste pozabili na vse skrbi. Sestavine: kakavova masa, kakavovo maslo, kokosov sladkor, lucuma, rožiči, vanilija. Ta čokolada je malce bolj grenka, ampak še vseeno zelo dobra. Vanilije pa sama nisem okusila.
Rawr čokolada

Rawr čokolado lahko kupite na MojaČokolada.si in rawr.si. Trenutno so znižane iz 3,99€ na 2,90€. Definitivno bi jih priporočala vsem, ki imajo radi čokolado, še posebej tistim, ki imajo raje temno, pa tudi bolj zdravo čokolado. :)

11. januar 2016

New In #10

I didn't buy much recently because I was saving money for Christmas gifts and some clothes. So, today it won't be a long post, but I still wanted to do it, because I don't like to use the products if I don't photograph them before.

09. januar 2016

...and that's who I am + Giveaway Winner!

For today I decided to make a post called ...and that's who I am, so you can get to know me better.  If you like this type of posts, let me know in the comments and I will try to do them more. I also want to mention that I will not be posting much for a couple of weeks, because my exams are starting at the end of January and I still have a lot of projects to finish. But maybe there will be a guest post or two. :)
I also want to announce the winner for this giveaway. The winner is Suzana P. I already emailed her.

02. januar 2016

Favourite December Blog Posts by Slovenian Bloggers

I was planning a couple more Christmas inspired posts, but as I mentioned before, I coudn't took pictures for my blog, because my phone died. So I decided to make a list of my favourite December blog posts by my fellow bloggers. I tried to mention as many of them as I could. If you're interested, check them out!
Source: http://candylovestreet.blogspot.si/2015/12/essence-winter-wonderful.html
Monika from Sugarlove blog talked about a new Essence's trend collection, Winter? Wonderful!

01. januar 2016

My Blog in 2015 and My Favourite Bloggers

2015 is over so I decided to make a post and recap my blog in the past year.
I have written 64 posts in the past year, around 5 per month. In 2016 I want to blog more, because I really enjoy every part of it (taking the pictures, editing, writing a post). I also want to get a camera or a better phone, to make better pictures.
In this year, I also made an Instagram account and started posting on my Facebook. Thank you for everyone that is following me anywhere. And thank you for every comment on my posts, I truly appreciate every one of them, they give me motivation to keep blogging.


4. Essence Gel Nail Polish Review (I actually updated this post with new swatches)

I also want to thank all brands and companies that collaborated with me,  I'm always happy when a company notices my blog and wants to collaborate. And of course, to my boyfriend, who supports me with my blog, sometimes he even gives me ideas, what should I write. Lastly, I want to thank all lovely bloggers, for their comments, tips and everything. I haven't personally met any of them, I really wish I will meet some in the new year. 


I love to read a lot of blogs, but these ones are the ones that I always check if they posted something. I am also preparing a post about my favourite December posts by Slovenian bloggers, that should be up tomorrow or even today in the evening. 

Thank you for reading me and I wish you a great year 2016 :)

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