New In #10

I didn't buy much recently because I was saving money for Christmas gifts and some clothes. So, today it won't be a long post, but I still wanted to do it, because I don't like to use the products if I don't photograph them before.

Afrodita Red Grapes Shower Gel
My boyfriend bought this for me. I was looking for it and smelling it every time when I was in Müller or DM, but I didn't want to buy it, because I still have some shower gels to use up. He said a couple of times that he's going to buy it for me and he actually did. It smells like grapes and very sweet.

Gliss Kur Hair Repair 
My favourite leave-in conditioner. I have used a couple of versions of this, but I think, that this one works the best for my hair. It makes them smooth and soft, I also have a little frizzy hair and it helps with that too.

Outspoken Party! by Fergi

Outspoken Party! by Fergie
This perfume Avon sent me in the start of December. It's a sweet scent, it reminds me a little on a perfume Bruno Banani Magic Woman perfume. I will do a separate review on it.

Avon Magic Effect Liquid Sequin (Glimmer, Sequin, Dazzle, Glitterati)
These nail polishes by Avon's Liquid Sequin collection were also sent to me from Avon. I already made a post about them here.

Essence Merry Berry TE 
In the start of December I also bought Essence's Merry Berry TE nail polishes (pink & perfect, purple on purpose and top coat in I love my golden pumps). You can see swatches here.

Catrice - 38 Vino Tinto
Recently I have been wearing red nail polish on my nails a lot, especially dark red. I have used my Maybelline Colorama 261, but it already dried, so I was searching for a new dark red color. I was deciding on some Catrice ones, Catrice really has some lovely dark red nail polishes. I finally decided on 38 Vino Tinto

Essence - 37 Serendipity
Essence's nail polishes were on sale for 1,29€, I believe, so I had to get one. Serendipity is very popular by bloggers, so I got it. Maybe I will post a NOTD with it.

Essence I <3 Stage Eyeshadow Base

Essence I <3 Stage Eyeshadow Base
If you remember my Products I Want to Use Up Challenge, I mentioned I was using Essence's Match 2 Cover Cream Concealer like a primer for eyeshadow. Recently it started creasing on my, so I just bought Essence's I <3 Stage Eyeshadow Base. I can't say anything about it, because I haven't used it yet.

Thank you for reading!