29. junij 2017

Makeup Decluter Part 2

Makeup Decluter Part 2

Today I have another Makeup Declutter post. I got rid of some more things. I had time and I went through all my makeup and other cosmetics, I also reorganised my entire room, because I was running out of space. I really enjoy reading this kind of posts and watching declutter videos on Youtube, so I thought I would make a part 2 on my blog.

25. junij 2017

New In #20

Finally, I can say I'm back to blogging. I really missed it, I can't believe I only have one post in June so far. First I wanted to share with you all the products I bought and all of the ones I was sent. I didn't have a New In post on my blog for two months, so you can imagine there would be quite a lot of stuff. It would also take me a long time to take the photos and write the post, so I decided to split it and do one part now and the second one in the upcoming days.

New In #20 L.O.V. Brushes (Perfectional Duo Contouring Brush, Blurredesire Smudger Brush, Liplure Lip Brush)

18. junij 2017

Testing Avon Mark Products

Testing Avon Mark Products

In February I was invited to the Avon blogger event, where they presented us their new line called Mark. I also got some goodies there. I already showed you the nail polish from the Mark line here. I wanted to write about some other Mark products for some time now, but I just didn't have time. So, today I'm going to share with you, which products impressed me and which didn't.

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