31. oktober 2016

New by Essence: The Little X-Mas Factory, Glitter in the Air and Advent Calendar!

The Little X-Mas Factory

Preview Essence The Little X-Mas Factory Trend Edition

Dear Santa! essence has received all Christmas wish lists and Santa’s hardworking elves are doing everything in their power to prepare the perfect surprise. The result: the new trend edition “the little x-mas factory”, which will be available in stores from November to December 2016 to make all your beauty dreams come true. Classical colors like gold or pine green are combined with cool pink. The absolute X-MUSTS are the eyeshadow palette, two mini hand creams with Christmassy fragrances and the “shimmering stars”. Season’s greetings from essence!

26. oktober 2016

New In #16

New In #16 Trend It Up

22. oktober 2016

Kiko Nail Lacquer 338 Light Lavender

Kiko Nail Lacquer 338 Light Lavender

When I was in Seiersberg (by the way, you can see my Primark haul here) I just had to visit Kiko store. I was never there before, so of course, I was excited. I have read a lot of good reviews on some of their products, but I didn't make a wishlist, which I regret, because there were a few things on sale and I didn't know what to buy, so I ended up buying just one nail polish. I even regret not checking nail polish swatches beforehand, I was sure I wanted this one and some more, but I couldn't decide. There weren't even so many of them, like I saw in the online store, so I was a bit disappointed.

18. oktober 2016

Preview Catrice Victorian Poetry LE

Preview Catrice Victorian Poetry LE

Simple Opulence. Magnificent decorations and detailed stucco ornaments are characteristic of the extravagant Victorian era. The Limited Edition “Victorian Poetry” by CATRICE awakens a yearning for the glamour of these bygone days from November 2016 to January 2017. Many fashion designers are reinterpreting the luxurious elegance with slim-cut dresses and frill collars combined with modern, slightly transparent fabrics. These collections provide the inspiration for the Limited Edition, which is dominated by gentle apricot, warm nude and grey tones, lilac as well as berry shades. Plain Magnificence – by CATRICE.

1. Beauty Purse: Royal Highness. This little purse is ideal for “on the go” - it offers just enough space to store the most important beauty & lifestyle accessories. Its high-quality metal clasp and unique look make it absolutely indispensable!

2. Eye Shadow Palette: Victorious Beauty. Six highly pigmented powder eyeshadows with a silky texture. The diversity of the shades in the palette ensure versatile eye make-up styles. Available in C01 NostalCHIC.

3. Satin Matt Nail Lacquer: Pretty Ornaments. Five nail polishes in the latest shades with a convincing silky matt finish. The extraordinary design of the bottle and the gift tags create a festive flair. Available in C01 Berry British, C02 Poetic Pink, C03 Apricot Epoch, C04 Noble Nude and C05 Royal LavendERA.

4. Matt Powder Liner: Grey Smokiness. The matt-grey powder kajal has loose pigments and is easy to apply thanks to the fine sponge applicator. Smokey cat-eyes are guaranteed! Available in C01 AristoMATTic.

5. Highlighting Pebbles: Ray of Light. Fine shimmer pebbles in various sizes and different shades give the complexion a soft-focus effect while light reflecting pigments ensure a radiant glow. Available in C01 Queen Victoria Is Amused.

6. Satin Matt Lip Colour: Lip Lyric. Long-lasting lipsticks with a high coverage in dark berry and pink. The silky matt finish perfects any look and won’t leave the lips feeling dry. Available in C01 Berry British and C02 Poetic Pink.

Do you like anything? Thank you for reading!

13. oktober 2016

Avon Shine Burst Gloss Stick Iced Mocha & Rose

Avon Shine Burst Gloss Stick Iced Mocha & Rose

I got these Avon Shine Burst Gloss Sticks from Avon some time ago. I was very excited when I got them because both colours are perfect for me. For these sticks, Avon promises more shine than a lipstick, silky smooth and glide on application. I agree with all of that since their finish is shiny and glossy, the application is great actually, they apply almost like a lip balm.

09. oktober 2016

Born Pretty Store Brush Egg

Born Pretty Store Brush Egg

The Brush Egg is the second product from Born Pretty Store that I'm going to talk about. You can see a review on a matte top coat here. Before this Brush Egg, I always washed my makeup brushes with a mild soap and on hands. If I had a lot of brushes to clean, it wasn't a good feeling on the hands and it didn't work as well as it should. 
The Brush Egg is made out of silicone and has a hole at the bottom, so you can hold it while you are cleaning your brushes. You have some lines to clean the bigger brushes and on the top there are little dots, where you can clean smaller brushes.

05. oktober 2016

Trip to Austria and Primark Haul

Primark, Seiersberg, Austria, Graz

Last week my boyfriend and I went to the Shopping City Seiersberg in Austria. I have never been there before and I wanted to go for so long. My boyfriend decided to drive me there for my late birthday present. He also bought me some of the clothes that you will see later on. Seiersberg is about a 15 Minute drive from Slovenian border, all information about where you are going are on boards, you pretty much can't get lost. The main reason I wanted to go, was of course Primark, but I visited some more stores too, including Kiko. We needed a map of the shopping centre to find Primark. It is so big, that we decided to look for clothes for me first, buy it, took everything to the car and come back for my boyfriend. Then I searched for some clothes for my brother and later we went through the store again for things that you don't really have to try on, like scarves, sunglasses, necklaces, rings... If you are wondering, we were there on a Tuesday at about 10.30am and it wasn't crowded at all. We didn't wait either for trying on clothes or at the cash register.

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