31. maj 2017

Avon Little Sequin Dress Eau De Parfum

Avon Little Sequin Dress Eau De Parfum

I'm not very good at explaining scents, but I will try, because I think this fragrance deserves its own blog post. Little Sequin Dress it's an eau de parfum and comes in a gorgeous square glass bottle with a sequin design at the back. It contains 50ml and it normally costs 26€. It is a new fragrance by Avon and it was made by Caroline Sabas. Avon already has a series of this fragrances, there are Little Lace Dress, Little Red Dress, Little Black Dress...

26. maj 2017

What I Have Been Loving Lately

21. maj 2017

Catrice ProvoCATRICE LE Scented Powder

Catrice ProvoCATRICE LE Scented Powder

Not long ago I made a preview post about ProvoCATRICE LE here and I'm so happy I got one product to test out. It is a Scented Powder in the shade 01 Transparent Shimmer.

17. maj 2017

Empties #10

Balea Kamille Hand & Nagel Balsam
I forgot how much I loved this cream. I think I repurchased it a couple of times, but then I forgot about it. I had this sample size from my Balea Advent Calendar, so I started using it again. It has a bit thicker consistency than the Mirati, but it is still lightweight and sinks into the skin fast. The chamomile scent is quite strong, but still lovely.

13. maj 2017

Catrice ICONails Gel Lacquer 14 Mint Map and 05 It's All About Red

Catrice ICONails Gel Lacquer 14 Mint Map and 05 It's All About Red

Catrice is coming out with a whole new line of nail polishes called ICONails. I haven't seen the whole line yet, but I did spot a preview collection in Müller and also DM. There will be 45 new shades, which is not the best for my wallet. These are supposed to have a shiny finish and last up to seven days.

08. maj 2017

New in the Drugstore: Essence Hip Girls Wear Blue Jeans TE and Catrice ProvoCATRICE LE Preview

Essence Hip Girls Wear Blue Jeans TE Preview

Catrice ProvoCATRICE LE

The fusion of lingerie and streetwear that can currently be seen on the international catwalks provided the inspiration for the Limited Edition ProvoCATRICE. Available from May until July 2017.

04. maj 2017

Summer Primark Home Decor Wishlist

Pineapple String Lights | Pineapple Trinket Dish | Watermelon LED Lights 
Pineapple Quilted Throw | Watermelon Cushion | Heart Cushion | Jungle Book Pillow

Not long ago I made a Home Wishlist and you seemed to like it, so I decided to make another one. I was searching through Primark website and there were a few things I liked and it inspired me to make a whole home decor wishlist only for Primark. Now I just hope, I can go to Primark soon.

Thank you for reading!

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