New in the Drugstore: Essence Hip Girls Wear Blue Jeans TE and Catrice ProvoCATRICE LE Preview

Essence Hip Girls Wear Blue Jeans TE Preview

Catrice ProvoCATRICE LE

The fusion of lingerie and streetwear that can currently be seen on the international catwalks provided the inspiration for the Limited Edition ProvoCATRICE. Available from May until July 2017.

Gradation Blush (C01 Raspberry Belle, C02 Berry Bow):
Ensures a radiant complexion: the powder blush in pink or berry. Each blush consists of a light, shimmering tone and a darker, matte shade that blend together into a beautiful colour gradient.

Cushion Powder Lips (C01 Raspberry Belle, C02 Berry Bow):
The Cushion Powder Lips in pink or a light berry shade offer an intensive colour and create a silky-matte finish on the lips.

Scented Powder (C01 Transparent Shimmer):
Finely ground, transparent body powder with a pleasant fragrance and a subtle, shimmering finish.

Eye Palette (C01 Une Touche ProvoCATRICE):
Two shimmering and two matte eye shadows in fashionable shades with a silky-powdery texture as well as a matching eyeliner in oxblood red.

Volume Lash Boost (C01 Irresistible Eyes):
Micro-fine, white powder particles intensify the volume of the lashes. Simply apply on top of mascara and then add another coat of mascara for a fabulous effect.

Nail Lacquer (C01 Provocative Pearls, C02 Mauve Magnifique, C03 RoSé-ducteur, C04 Berry Bow, C05 Silk Sense):
Nail polishes with iridescent effects and a long-lasting formula.

Catrice ProvoCATRICE LE Preview

Essence Hip Girls Wear Blue Jeans TE

Jeans are always a good idea! From June until July 2017, the new trend edition “hip girls wear blue jeans” unites the absolute all-time trends: bronzing and jeans.

Highlighter stick (01 cheeky cheeks and 02 lovely cheeks):
The highlighter stick with a creamy texture and light reflecting pigments in pink and mother-of-pearl creates an ultimate glow.

Face perfector brush:
The brush with synthetic bristles makes it easy to apply powdery textures – especially bronzing and blush powder – in a targeted way.

Illuminating eyeshadow palette (01 born to be worn!):
Four soft eyeshadows in nude and brown tones allow natural and expressive make-up styles.

Bronze & blush sunkissed palette (01 sunkissed, what else?!):
Lightly tanned and fresh: the two latest beauty trends – sun stripping and draping – are easy to achieve with this palette.

Illuminating face cream gel (01 I don‘t care cause I‘m flawless!):
The lightweight formula – like a gel cream – with light reflecting pigments leaves behind a subtle shimmer and ensures a fresh-looking, wide-awake complexion.

Illuminating lipstick (01 hip lips go blue!, 02 hip lips go coral!, 03 hip lips go rosy!):
Longlasting lipsticks with a gorgeous glow effect.

Nail polish (01 start the blue rebellion!, 02 cute but cool!, 03 show me what you got!, 04 don‘t be shy!):
Four nail polishes with a longlasting finish and great coverage in bright, trendy colors and effects.

Nail stickers (01 I like your style and I cannot lie!): 
Simply apply the nail stickers with a cool jeans patch design on painted nails to give them a cool denim look.

Metallic foil lip powder (01 I‘m gold and I know it!):
The gold-metallic lip powder can be applied on the entire lips for full coverage or on the heart of the lips as a highlighter.

Blush brick powder (01 go with the flow & get the glow):
Nine perfectly aligned pink-apricot tones with pearl effects for a radiant complexion.

Bronzing brick powder (01 feel the fun & catch the sun):
A sun-kissed complexion is guaranteed with this bronzer, which offers nine harmonizing, shimmering nuances.

I made a preview post again because I like both of the collections. By Catrice I would love to try the scented powder and the palette. Hip Girls Wear Blsue Jeans TE by Essence impressed me when I first saw it, but now I don't think I will buy anything, maybe just the light blue nail polish. Thank you for reading!


  1. Tvoje lepe predstavitve, še dobro, da jih narediš, PR gradivo vedno samo tako površno preverim, pri tebi, pa potem dobim en tak res lep vpogled kaj prihaja na poličke. :)*

    1. Hvala Monika <3 Če ravno pridejo kakšne nove in imam čas, jih poskušam narediti, ker mi je to "kolažanje" res veselje, čeprav vzame kar precej časa :)

  2. I cannot believe that I haven't visited your blog nor I have been following you here!! I followed on bloglovin to keep up with your posts :)


  3. Teli laki za nohte takoj padejo v oči- mi je pa celotna essence kolekcija vabljiva. Vedno imajo nove ideje, ki hitro privabi občinstvo :) xx Maja

    1. Laki so meni tudi všeč, sploh pri Essence :D To pa res, take zanimive kolekcije so vedno, da ponavadi moraš nekaj kupit, če kje zaslediš :D