28. september 2015

Catrice Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette

I didn't have any of the Catrice palettes until I bought this Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette. They caught my attention, because of the simple packaging and beautiful eyeshadows. I decided to buy one, but I wasn't sure which one. At first, I wanted to buy the new one, that came out, Chocolate Nudes, but I saw on Instagram, that the quality of the eyeshadows isn't the best. Then I remembered that Mateja from Mateja's Beauty Blog raved about these palettes, so I searched on her blog and her favourite was this matte one. I'm really impressed how good quality this palette is for just 5,29€.

25. september 2015

NOTD: Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty LE (04 Just Happy!)

Happy Girls Are Pretty is a new limited edition from Essence. I only bought one nail polish. I also wanted to buy a cute blush with a heart on it and one more nail polish (03 enjoy the little things) from this collection, but they were all gone in my store.

Essence Happy  Girls Are Pretty TE - nail polish 04 Just Happy!

This polish is called 04 Just Happy! I applied 3 coats. I like the brush, the polish is easy to apply evenly on the nails, but it could be more opaque. It dried pretty fast too. 
I can't say much on how long it lasts, I only wore it on my nails for two days and in that time it stayed the same.

Essence Happy  Girls Are Pretty TE - nail polish 04 Just Happy!

Have you bought anything from Happy Girl Are Pretty collection? Do you like it?
Thank you for reading!

22. september 2015

Herbio naravna kozmetika

Sorry international readers, this post will be only in Slovene.

Herbio je slovenska naravna kozmetika. Ime Herbio je sestavljeno iz dveh delov: herb kot zelišče in bios kot življenje. Osnovana so na zeliščni osnovi, ne izvajajo testov na živalih, izogibajo se umetnim in genetsko spremenjenim sestavinam, izdelki so v večini brez silikonov, parafinskih olj, dodatnih barvil in konzervansov. Njihov simbol je deteljica, zakaj? Ker štiriperesna deteljica pomeni veliko srečo, zaradi njene redkosti in simboličnega števila štiri. Predstavlja upanje, vero, ljubezen in srečo. Na splošno deteljico povezujejo z vitalnostjo in življenjsko močjo. 
Herbio ponuja tudi različne linije izdelkov, kot so Babičine skrivnosti, Vision, Young Body, imajo tudi izdelke za nego kože pri moških. Več o Herbio kozmetiki tukaj.

Herbio naravna kozmetika

20. september 2015

Random Summer Pictures

As you can see, lately I'm posting some random lifestyle posts and not so many beauty reviews, because I wasn't really feeling it. But recently I bought some makeup stuff and I'm already testing it (Catrice Absolute Matte Palette will be on my blog soon). 
Also, I decided to post some of my pictures that I took in summer. I will probably do this type of post weekly/monthly (I haven't decided yet) on my blog, like a series of some pictures that I take throughout the week/month. I want to take more pictures in my life, because it's so good to look back to some things. I only need the name for the series and I can't think of any, you can leave some suggestions in the comments. :)
Pictures from this post were mostly taken in Izola, Simonov zaliv.

Thank you for reading!

15. september 2015

Magic Planner

I have been looking for a planner that would work for me for a long time. I have seen Erin Condren planners and I was seriously thinking about ordering one. Then I decided to not pay so much money for just a planner. I was also looking on e-bay, but I didn't like any. Then I found this Magic Planner, which I love. 
Magic Planner is a new Slovenian company, whose founder is Katarina. She actually came on the idea of designing her own planner, when she couldn't find a perfect planner for her sister.

Magic Planner: Sprinkle your life with magic dust (Perfect planner)

Magic Planner actually looks a bit like an Erin Condren one, it has a similar layout of the monthly and weekly page, but its unique in its own way. It has a lot of extra pages, you can make a bucket list, you have a vacation planning page, day schedule, a shopping list... The only thing that I miss about this planner is lined paper at the back for taking notes. 

Magic Planner: Sprinkle your life with magic dust (Perfect planner)

The planner comes with a monthly page, this one it's like an overview of the whole month. Then you also have a month on two pages (picture below) where you can write down your appointments or anything. 
One of the things that I like about this planner is how the weekly page is designed. You can actually make a to-do lists in each of the days. 

Magic Planner: Sprinkle your life with magic dust (Perfect planner)

Magic Planner has a bunch of quotes and beautiful illustrations throughout the whole planner. One of my favorite quotes: Surround yourself with people who are smarter, faster, better than you, so you can be uplifted by their models and inspired by their examples.

Magic Planner: Sprinkle your life with magic dust (Perfect planner)

You can get this planner for 15€ on Magic Planner online shop. You can also choose a cover that you like (they have 12 different covers) and get some other things from the online store, like notebooks, motivational cards and t-shirts with their beautiful designs.

Magic Planner: Sprinkle your life with magic dust (Perfect planner)
*This planner was sent to me

For me, this is a great planner and I'm really happy that I got it.
Do you have this planner? Do you like it?
Thank you for reading!

10. september 2015

Some Facts About Me

Today I'm going to write some facts about me, so you can get to know me better. I only thought about 16 facts at the moment, but maybe I will do a part two of this post. 

1. I love history (pretty much everything, but I find 1st and 2nd war the most interesting).
2. I don't like Nutella.
3. I love watching series, some that I watch: Once Upon A Time (cant wait for the new season), The Vampire Diaries, Baby Daddy, Orange Is A New Black, Young And Hungry, Breaking Bad, Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars (I liked a couple of seasons, but now some things are just stupid).

4. I wear glasses for 5-6 years now.
5. I used to love reading, but then I came to high school and I didn't have time anymore. 
6. I love traveling, like they say: If traveling was free you will never see me again. ;)
7. I don't drink tea, actually I drink it when I'm really sick, and when I do, I squeeze almost a whole lemon and honey in it.
8. I love sour things.
9. I would love to learn French (now I speak English, German, Spanish and of course Slovenian).
10. I would love to have a tattoo (maybe at the end of the year I will get one). I really like small tattoos that have a meaning. I have been planning to have a star on the right side of my wrist since I was little, because I love stars and star patterned anything. I also plan to have a saying, something about never giving up, or something to stay motivated, but I don't know which one yet and I won't make a tattoo if I don't wish it for at least a year or two.
11. I love baking (cupcakes, pies, cookies), but I hate cooking.
12. I love blue color and I don't like pink.
13. I like exercising. I like the feeling of sore muscles. I used to love running, but then I had a surgery on my knee and I had to stop. Now I exercise on my indoor bicycle. 
14. I hate elevators.
15. Im very impatient.
16. I love animals, dogs are my favorite. 

Thank you for reading!

06. september 2015

Products I Want To Use Up

I saw that I have some things that I don't really use or I want to use up so I can try different ones, so I decided to make a list of things to use up. I plan to use up these products by the end of the year. This will be a short post, I just wanted to make a post, so that I can compare how successful I was at the end of  the year.

Maybelline Mini Colorama nail polish in 88 Peach Cocktail 
I bought this polish a long time ago and I have used it a lot, but recently I didn't like the color anymore. I don't know if I'm going to finish this polish, just because it's not a autumn-ish color, but I will try.

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 190 The Nuder The Better and Essence Lipstick in 53 All About Cupcake 
Recently, I haven't been using lipstick much, I have these two for some time now and I want to use them up. 

Essence Eyeshadow in 58 Cappuccino, Please! 
Lately, I have been using palettes a lot and not single eyeshadows, so I want to get rid of some. 

Essence Match 2 Cover Cream Concealer 
I don't use this product as concealer, but like a primer. I apply it before I put eyeshadow on my lids and it works well, eyeshadows stay in place. It doesn't work as well as a proper primer, but it's good.

Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in 05 To Die For 
I use this every day when I go to school, so this won't be a big trouble to finish. I want to use it up, because I already bought a new palette and eyeshadows, that I want to try out.

Afrodita Clean Phase Tonic (Normal to oily skin) 
At first this tonic was working very good on my skin, but then for some reason I stopped using it. I will try to use it up.

Fruttini Strawberry Starfruit Body Spray 
This just doesn't want to get empty haha! I am using it every day, but not like a body spray, because I got bored of the scent. I spray it around my room a couple of times a day. I hope this will be gone soon.

Thank you for reading!

02. september 2015

I love... Cosmetics Revitalizing Shower Gels

It's September already. A year ago at this time I would already be in school, but not this year. This year I'm starting in October. I just can't believe that summer is over. I like other seasons, but summer is my favourite because I love the sea, sun, bright colors, everything summer related. 
Today I'm going to write about two shower gels, that I bought and really like. It is a first impression because I haven't used it so much, that I could give a proper review.

I Love... Cosmetics Shower Gel, Tangerine Dream, Juicy Watermelon

I Love... Cosmetics is a British bath, body and beauty brand. Some time ago, this I Love... shower gels were very popular on many blogs. Last time, when I was in Tuš Drogerija I first saw this orange one and I had to smell it, because I was sure that it smells amazing (I love orangy smell). They had a sale, one was 1,74€ or something like that, but you had to buy two, so basically two for the price of one. That's why I bought the other one. 

I bought Juicy Watermelon and Tangerine Dream. Both are soap free, paraben free and are pH balanced. They have a beautiful clear plastic packaging with a clear-top cap. The gel is runny, but not too much, I would suggest using a loofah. You don't need much of the products and it washes off easily. I wouldn't say it moisturises the skin, but it doesn't dry it either.

I Love... Cosmetics Shower Gel, Tangerine Dream, Juicy Watermelon

They have a super fruity scent although it doesn't stay on the skin for long. I would absolutely suggest these shower gels to anyone that likes fruity fragrances. They contain 250mL of the product and you can get them for around 3-4€.

Have you tried I love... shower gels? Do you like them?
Thank you for reading!

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