I love... Cosmetics Revitalizing Shower Gels

It's September already. A year ago at this time I would already be in school, but not this year. This year I'm starting in October. I just can't believe that summer is over. I like other seasons, but summer is my favourite because I love the sea, sun, bright colors, everything summer related. 
Today I'm going to write about two shower gels, that I bought and really like. It is a first impression because I haven't used it so much, that I could give a proper review.

I Love... Cosmetics Shower Gel, Tangerine Dream, Juicy Watermelon

I Love... Cosmetics is a British bath, body and beauty brand. Some time ago, this I Love... shower gels were very popular on many blogs. Last time, when I was in Tuš Drogerija I first saw this orange one and I had to smell it, because I was sure that it smells amazing (I love orangy smell). They had a sale, one was 1,74€ or something like that, but you had to buy two, so basically two for the price of one. That's why I bought the other one. 

I bought Juicy Watermelon and Tangerine Dream. Both are soap free, paraben free and are pH balanced. They have a beautiful clear plastic packaging with a clear-top cap. The gel is runny, but not too much, I would suggest using a loofah. You don't need much of the products and it washes off easily. I wouldn't say it moisturises the skin, but it doesn't dry it either.

I Love... Cosmetics Shower Gel, Tangerine Dream, Juicy Watermelon

They have a super fruity scent although it doesn't stay on the skin for long. I would absolutely suggest these shower gels to anyone that likes fruity fragrances. They contain 250mL of the product and you can get them for around 3-4€.

Have you tried I love... shower gels? Do you like them?
Thank you for reading!


  1. I have tried some products from this brand! And I really love the smells! xx
    Tasha Rose Beauty

  2. Meni tile super dišijo! Nasploh mi vse njihovo noro diši, se nazaj držim, da ne kupim vsega ;)
    Xoxo, Nyx