I wanted to make an about me section on my blog for so long, but I kept hesitating, I am not even sure why. In the end I decided that I have to do it, so I don't have to state in my every post my skin color, skin type and all of that. But first, let me introduce myself shortly. I am 23 years old and I come from Slovenia. I am a bachelor od Media Communications. I started blogging, because I love everything related to beauty, makeup, design, travel...


The skin on my face is dry-normal. In the summer it gets a bit oily but over the seasons it is mostly dry. I have a yellow undertone and I tan very easily. The skin on my body is just dry, very dry actually. If I don't take proper care of it, it gets super dry and itchy.


I eyes are a mix of green and blue colour. I'm lucky to have quite long and thick lashes. I wear contact lenses.

My hair is dark brown and mostly straight. Over the years I have managed to keep it in good shape, even though I do straighten it a lot, just the ends sometimes get a bit dry. My hair used to be quite frizzy but now not so much anymore.

You can contact me here: lana.blogging@gmail.com
My social media: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Bloglovin.

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