29. december 2015

Balea Advent Calendar + Giveaway!

Today I wanted to show you what I got in my Balea Advent Calendar. I started posting what I got on Instagram but then my phone died and I wasn't able too, so I decided to post everything here. In the end is also a little giveaway! 
If you don't know this tipe of calendars already, it is just like the chocolate calendar but with cosmetic products instead. First, I wanted to write a little first impression of every product, but I haven't tried everything yet. So these ones will probably be in my Empties posts. 

1. Reichhaltige Bodymilk | 2. Washgel | 3. Anti-Falten Tagescreme Q10 | 4. Dusche & Creme Vanille und Cocos | 5. Anti-Falten Nachtcreme Q10 | 6. Seife Tannenbaum | 7. Fussbalsam | 8. Feuchtigkeits Shampoo | 9. Feuchtigkeits Aufbau-Kur | 10. Lippenpflege Sensitive | 11. Med Ultra Sensitive Intensivcreme | 12. Oil Repair Express Kur

13. Badeherz | 14. Pflegecreme | 15. Reinigende Maske | 16. Repair + Pflege Shampoo | 17. Beautiful Long 1-Minuten Intensiv Kur | 18. After Shave Pflege Gel | 19. Hand- und Nagelbalsam | 20. Badestern Bratapfel | 21. Intensivpflege Shampoo | 22. Milch & Honig Maske | 23. Dushce & Creme Limette und Aloe Vera | 24. Eau De Toilette Sense of Magic

I will write this in Slovene , because the giveaway is only for Slovenian readers.
Ugotovila sem, da nekaj stvari iz koledarja najverjetneje ne bom uporabljala, zato sem se odločila, da jih podarim mojim bralcem. Dodala sem še eno stvar, Makeup Revolution Fixing Spray. Pravila: izpolni spodnji Rafflecopter obrazec. Ni potrebno storiti vsega, imaš pa več možnosti zmagati. Ne pozabi v komentarje zapisati svojega e-mail naslova. Nagradna igra traja od 29.12.2015 - 8.1.2015, zmagovalko razglasim na blogu in tudi na moji facebook strani.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

24. december 2015

Festive Nails with AVON

Today I finally have a post for you that I talked about. I thought I couldn't do it, because my phone died but they fixed it so fast I can't even believe, 6 days, that's how quickly they fixed it, usually it takes 1 month or so to do it. Anyway, let's start with the post, I prepared for you a review of some glittery nail polishes by Avon.
Avon Liquid Sequin nail polish
I am reviewing Avon company products for the first time on my blog. I have had some products of them, but that was some time ago. Recently, they kindly sent me some nail polishes, which are perfect for this holiday season!

They sent me polishes from Liquid Sequin collection. It includes 4 nail polishes, called Glimmer, Sequin, Dazzle and Glitterati. You will pay 5,90€ for 10ml of product. The nail polish comes in a glass bottle with a black cap.
Avon Liquid Sequin glimmer
Avon Liquid Sequin glimmer

Glimmer: This one is a lovely gold color. For this swatches I used a light brown-gold color for a base.I am wearing it right now with a red nail polish and this one on my ring finger and it looks really christmasy, I love it. You can see how it looks in the end of this post. 

Avon Liquid Sequin sequin
Avon Liquid Sequin sequin

Sequin: I applied this one over a white nail polish. I would actually like this polish more if it didn't had those big silver glitter and if would be more like the gold one. I think it would be more wearable for someone who doesn't like a lot of glitter on their nails. But it actualy looks more festive with those glitter. One thing that I would like to mention is, that you have to be more careful with big glitter and kinda move it around a little for more even look.

Avon Liquid Sequin dazzle
Avon Liquid Sequin dazzle

Dazzle: This one is probably my favourite. It doesn't contain just glitter, but also has some dark red color for a base. I applied Essence's Merry Berry nail polish, that is a burgundy color, before I applied this one, but it came out pretty dark. On the picture it looks a little like it's too much glitter to wear it on all the nails, but it actualy isn't, it looks very classy and elegant. I have worn it two times and I always got compliments.

Avon Liquid Sequin glitterati
Avon Liquid Sequin glitterati

Glitterati: For the base I used Essence's Merry Berry nail polish again. This sequin nail polish contains big and small glitter. I had a little trouble apllying it evenly, but if you do two coats or you're more precise with the brush, then it should be fine.

Avon Liquid Sequin

The brush is wide and straight cut and the application is good. The staying power is great, but I had a little trouble removing it. I didn't use a foil method, but with that you can probably get it off easier.

So here is the combination that I talked about before. For all the nails, except for the ring finger I used Merry Berry Pink & Perfect nail polish and for the ring finger Avon Liquid Sequin Glimmer.

These nail polishes are great for Christmas and New year. Like I mentioned I love the third one, Dazzle and also the first one, Glimmer. Which one do you like the most? Petra from Adjusting Beauty also made a post about these four nail polishes with some festive manicures, check it out! :)

Thank you for reading!

22. december 2015

Catrice News: Spring and Summer 2016

Catrice News: Spring and Summer 2016

14. december 2015

Preview: Essence Valentine – Who Cares? TE

Today I have another preview for you, it's Valentine - Who Cares?  trend edition from Essence. I wanted to post some festive nails with glitters and some other festive things, but I only photographed two notd's and then my phone died. Now I have an older one and I can't photograph anything. I hope they will fix it so I can start blogging again. 

Always together: BFFs! The new essence trend edition “valentine – who cares?” is welcoming a different kind of Valentine’s Day from mid January to mid February 2016. Wild, rebellious and casual, we’re breaking with old traditions and dedicating the day of love to best friends. This means: lots of fun and action for two! Edgy products in intensive colors like red, blue and black as well as metallic beige and khaki tones for strong styles. The favorites: the false lashes in two versions and the click & go nails with a stiletto design. The face & body tattoo stamp with an infinity symbol creates a trendy BFF tattoo and the limited, fruity-sweet scent underlines the rebel queen slumbering within every girl. Sisters before misters… with essence!

Preview: Essence Valentine – Who Cares? TE 

07. december 2015

Essence Merry Berry TE Nail Polish Swatches

For me, Merry Berry TE is the most interesting Essence's TE in the whole year. Essence choose Christmasy colors and the packaging is simply adorable. I got just three nail polishes, although I wanted to buy some lipsticks too, but I rarely use lipsticks, so that would be a practically waste of money. 

I bought three nail polishes: 03 pink & perfect, 02 purple with purpose and a top coat in 01 I love my golden pumps. First something about nail polishes. The brush is straight cut and wide, I wasn't having any trouble applying the polish. The formula is creamy and well pigmented. All the polishes dry very quickly. And, of course, the bottle, like I said it's adorable with that little round cap on it, it looks very festive.


05. december 2015

My Favourite Nail Polishes for Winter

Today I have some winter and Christmas nail polish colors for you. For me, these are the colors, that I think of when someone says winter or Christmas. I chose some reds, blues, a white and some glitter nail polishes. Some of them aren't available in stores anymore (some glitter ones), but it doesn't even matter which brand is it, because glitter nail polish you can find anywhere.

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