25. september 2015

NOTD: Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty LE (04 Just Happy!)

Happy Girls Are Pretty is a new limited edition from Essence. I only bought one nail polish. I also wanted to buy a cute blush with a heart on it and one more nail polish (03 enjoy the little things) from this collection, but they were all gone in my store.

Essence Happy  Girls Are Pretty TE - nail polish 04 Just Happy!

This polish is called 04 Just Happy! I applied 3 coats. I like the brush, the polish is easy to apply evenly on the nails, but it could be more opaque. It dried pretty fast too. 
I can't say much on how long it lasts, I only wore it on my nails for two days and in that time it stayed the same.

Essence Happy  Girls Are Pretty TE - nail polish 04 Just Happy!

Have you bought anything from Happy Girl Are Pretty collection? Do you like it?
Thank you for reading!

5 komentarjev

  1. Lep lakec :) tak nevtralen in super za vsak dan

  2. Odgovori
    1. Tako kot je napisala Manca, super za vsak dan :)

  3. Ponavadi sem z Essence odtenki zadovoljna, ta odtenek mi pa ni tako všeč :/ Bo pa mogoče kdaj drugič kakšen lepši odtenek zame :)

    x, Katja


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