21. maj 2017

Catrice ProvoCATRICE LE Scented Powder

Catrice ProvoCATRICE LE Scented Powder

Not long ago I made a preview post about ProvoCATRICE LE here and I'm so happy I got one product to test out. It is a Scented Powder in the shade 01 Transparent Shimmer.

Catrice ProvoCATRICE LE Scented Powder

It comes in a gorgeous packaging with a burgundy lid that has gold writing on it. You get 4g of product for 5,29€First, I thought this product is for your face, but then I realized it's actually for your body. It is supposed to give a subtle and shimmering finish. Although it's a scented powder, there isn't much of a scent, at least I can't smell it. The scent is very nice, smells like vanilla, but I expected more.

Catrice ProvoCATRICE LE Scented Powder

The powder is very fine milled and soft to the touch. It The first time that I used it, I tried applying it with a brush, but that didn't work, it basically didn't pick any of the product up and it wasn't visible on the skin. Then I tried with my fingers and that was a whole different story. You can get a very subtle shimmering effect if you apply it lightly, but it is buildable and it gives a glowy highlighter effect.

Catrice ProvoCATRICE LE Scented Powder

You can use it to shimmer up your body, or even to highlight it. You can emphasize your collar bones, even though it's meant for your face, you can use it on top of your cheekbones, down your nose and other popular highlighter spots.

Catrice ProvoCATRICE LE Scented Powder Swatch

The one downside of this packaging is that it isn't good for traveling, they could put a sponge or something in there. I'm not sure how it is with other brands, but Avon does include a sponge in some of their products and I love them. They keep the product from getting everywhere and sometimes I even use them to apply the product. Overall, I really like the powder, I love the glowy effect it gives. I like the scent, but it could be stronger since it is a scented powder.

Thank you for reading!

*This product was sent to me

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