My Blog in 2015 and My Favourite Bloggers

2015 is over so I decided to make a post and recap my blog in the past year.
I have written 64 posts in the past year, around 5 per month. In 2016 I want to blog more, because I really enjoy every part of it (taking the pictures, editing, writing a post). I also want to get a camera or a better phone, to make better pictures.
In this year, I also made an Instagram account and started posting on my Facebook. Thank you for everyone that is following me anywhere. And thank you for every comment on my posts, I truly appreciate every one of them, they give me motivation to keep blogging.


4. Essence Gel Nail Polish Review (I actually updated this post with new swatches)

I also want to thank all brands and companies that collaborated with me,  I'm always happy when a company notices my blog and wants to collaborate. And of course, to my boyfriend, who supports me with my blog, sometimes he even gives me ideas, what should I write. Lastly, I want to thank all lovely bloggers, for their comments, tips and everything. I haven't personally met any of them, I really wish I will meet some in the new year. 


I love to read a lot of blogs, but these ones are the ones that I always check if they posted something. I am also preparing a post about my favourite December posts by Slovenian bloggers, that should be up tomorrow or even today in the evening. 

Thank you for reading me and I wish you a great year 2016 :)