New In #18

Avon Mark.

Avon Mark. Magix Face Primer*
Avon Mark. Nail Enamel Wine and Dine Me*
Avon Mark. Glossy Tube Lip Gloss*
I was lucky to attend the Avon blogger event, where they presented the Mark line to us. It's a new line by Avon. I love how minimalistic black and white the packaging is, but inside there are products, that are very colourful. I haven't really tried anything yet, but I will make a separate post about them.

Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer 10 Nude
This looked very similar to Catrice Liquid Camoufage concealer, which everyone, including me, loves. Essence concealer also feels very similar. I will be doing a comparison post, where you will see more. For now, I can say that they both oxidise on my hand, but not on my face. The Essence one is a bit lighter, less orangey and doesn't have as much coverage as the Catrice's.

Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara
Finally mine again. When I started blogging, I talked a lot about this mascara, but then I wanted to try some cheaper mascaras and realised they are not bad either. I treated myself with this mascara when I got a good grade on one of my hardest exams. It is very similar to my favourite in the past few months, Catrice 3D Lash Multimizing Mascara, but it does a better job at separating the lashes. 

Avon True Colour Supreme Nourishing Lipstick

Avon True Colour Supreme Nourishing Lipstick Smooth Mocha and Crimson Dream*
A surprise package from Avon. I'm not sure if I will do a review, because I took the pictures three times and I still don't like how the photos turned out. I have tried the lipsticks and they feel very good on the lips, just as any other ones by Avon, that I have. 

I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette

I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette
This palette has been on my wishlist since it came out probably. I wanted to order it sooner, but they didn't have it in stock. The shades are right up my alley, my favourite is the third one in the last row. All the shades are good pigmented and stay surprisingly long on my lids. They are a bit dusty.

Essence Concealer Brush

Essence Concealer Brush
I was in a hurry and I thought this is an eyeshadow brush, but it is for applying the concealer. The brushes are very dense. I tried it and it didn't disappoint me, it applies and blends the concealer well. 

Body & Soul Blenderpinsel

Body & Soul Blenderpinsel
I needed a good blending brush. So far, I really like it, it blends perfectly. Actually, I need some new eye brushes, I was thinking ordering on e-Bay or AliExpress, but I think I will rather buy some more quality brushes and one per time. Nothing against e-Bay brushes, I have some face brushes and I love them, but I didn't find any good for the eyes. Any recommendations?

Ebelin Gesichtsreinigungs-Schwamm

Ebelin Gesichtsreinigungs-Schwamm
My old Ebelin konjac sponge it's starting to fall apart, so I needed a replacement. I forgot to put it in my 2016 favourites, but I love it. I use it once to twice a week. I massage my face with it, paired with a cleaning gel or a peeling and it feels so good. Afterwards, I apply my face mask and my face feels like a baby's butt.

Balea Aqua Feuchtigkeits Cremegel

Balea Aqua Feuchtigkeits Cremegel
Another repurchase. More here.

Oriflame Swedish Spa Nourishing Body Butter

Oriflame Swedish Spa Nourishing Body Butter*
This was a surprise from Oriflame. I have been using it a lot on my legs. It has quite a thick consistency, so it doesn't spread easily, but I love how nourishing it is. And the smell is amazing, I don't know how to describe it, but it's perfect for the colder months. I'm actually sad that it will be empty soon.

L'oreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo
I really like this shampoo, I even put it in my 2016 favourites. I was running out and it was on sale, so I got it.

Batiste Dry Shampoo for Dark Brown Hair
Already my second bottle. I thought I would use up the dry shampoo sooner, but it lasted until now and I still have something left. So, for the price (around 4-5€), a great product that lasts a while (I use it once-twice a week normally).

Garnier Ultra Doux Intense Nutrition Mask Avocado Oil and Shea Butter

Garnier Ultra Doux Intense Nutrition Mask Avocado Oil and Shea Butter
The conditioner from this Garnier line is my absolute favourite. I needed a new hair mask, so I bought this one. I hope I will love it as much as the conditioner.

Ebelin Professional Nagellack Entferner Express

Ebelin Professional Nagellack Entferner Express

Ebelin Professional Nagellack Entferner Express
I'm probably the last person to get the sponge nail polish remover. I have two regular removers to use up, but I still got this, because I wanted to try it for so long. I love it so much, that I'm worried I will never use up those two I still have in my drawer. It is so easy to remove the nail polish, you just put your finger in and swirl and it's done, even with nail polishes that are a bit harder to remove.

Golden Rose WOW! Nail Colour 67
I got this as a part of the order. I wanted to try something from Golden Rose brand because every Slovenian blogger is raving about their product. I decided for a nail polish and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It was 1€, it's quite a small bottle, but I like it that way, because I rarely use my nail polishes up. I chose the shade 67, because I love grey shades. Swatches here.

Essence Out of Space Stories Nail Polish 07 1000 Light Years Away

Essence Out of Space Stories Nail Polish 07 1000 Light Years Away
I had these galaxy effect nail polishes by Essence on my wishlist, but then I saw swatches on Instagram and only this one impressed me. Then I got some Essence goodies with another one that surprisingly looks very good too. I will make a separate post with swatches on this black one.

I wanted to order something from Avon for a long time. For the first time, I decided to only get the products that are kind of famous by Avon. I also wanted their eye primer, but it sadly wasn't in stock.

Avon Naturals Cosy Vanilla and Sandalwood Scented Spritz
I thought I would love this, but when I firstsmelled it, I didn't really like it, it has a very strong and sweet scent, even a bit too sweet for me. Now I got used to it and I actually like it.

Avon Nutra Effects Balance Daily Cream Sample
I wanted to try this one for some time and I am happy I got a sample.

Avon Mesmerize Black Sample
Again with this one, at first it didn't impress me at all, then I left it for a couple of days and the next time I smelled it, I quite liked it.

Avon Advance Techniques Nourishing Hair Serum
This has been on my WL for so long. Everybody loves this hair serum. It smells nice and I hope I will like it.

Essence and Catrice New Products Spring/Summer 2017

Essence Colour Boost High Pigment Nail Polish 11 Instant Match*
Essence Beauty Angels TE Colour Correcting Anti-Redness Primer Stick 02 On my Anti-Redness Mission*
Essence Out of Space Stories Nail Polish 01 Outta Space is the Place*
Essence Blush Play Sculpting Blush Palette 10 Play it Peach*
Essence Blossom Dreams TE Rainbow Highlighter 01 Prism of Light*
Essence Stand Out! 3D Touch Manicure Stickers*
Catrice Marina Hoermanseder LE Highlighter Brush*
Again, there will be a separate post about all of these products. I haven't even really tried them properly. One thing, that I did try it's the rainbow highlighter, which looks amazing. I also tried the Out of Space nail polish, which I also like, it's very light, but has a very shiny, metallic effect.

Thank you for reading!

*Products were sent to me or I got them on a blogger event


  1. Jaz sem tudi mislila, da bo Essence korektor podoben Catrice, ampak je tudi na meni manj prekriven. Škoda, ker odtenek je super :). I Heart Makeup paleta je bila tudi meni izredno všeč, ko sem jo dobila. Odtenki so čisto nosljivi. Zdaj sem jo sicer zanemarila zaradi drugih palet.

    Če iščeš bolj ugodne čopiče za oči, je bil meni všeč od Ebelin blending brush. Ampak zdaj so nekaj prenavljali, pa niti ne vem če še imajo te čopiče v DM-u. Tud od Essence so določeni v redu, sploh kakšni krajši in bolj gosti za smudging in smoky eye. Drugače pa jaz prisegam na Zoeva. Sem si na začetku kupila mini set zdaj pa tudi enega po enega dokupujem, ker sicer res niso poceni, če kar vse naenkrat kupiš.

    1. Saj od Essence korektor sploh ni slab, ampak prekrivnost je bolj tako-tako. Za podočnjake še mogoče bo. Pri paleti so odtenki čisto vsi ravno zame, tako da jo bom sigurno uporabljala :D

      V DMu Ebelin čopičev sploh ne najdem, naj bi bla tista nova linija Professional, ampak je pri nas nikjer ni. Edino kar sem našla so te makeup gobice. Zoeva je itak na WL, sem pa tudi gledala RT čopiče, glede na to da jih imajo sedaj tudi v Tuš drogerijah in v DMu po novem :)