Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Sheer Citrus

Some time ago Avon surprised me with this lovely nail polish. It's called Sheer Citrus and it's from their Nailwear Pro+ line.
For this swatch I used 4 coats and it still isn't fully opaque, you can still see white tips of the nails. I couldn't capture the right color, on the picture it looks like a more like a rosy shade, but in person it's more like a peachy orange (I find it very similar to Essence's Indian Summer). The brush is straight cut and easy to work with and the polish dries fast. I have been wearing it for three days and in this time it didn't chip. 
It's a gorgeous color to wear in spring and summer, but I probably won't be wearing it much, because it's so sheer (by Essence's Indian Summer only two coats are needed and it's almost the exact color).
You can get 10ml of the polish for 5,90€.

Thank you for reading!