Essence The Gel Nail Polish (Review and Swatches)

Essence  The Gel Nail Polish (Review and Swatches)

Today I prepared a post about the new Essence nail polishes from The Gel line. For these polishes you don't need a UV light for them to dry. I have looked everywhere to get this shades (in Müller they were almost all sold out). Actually, I decided to buy them when Taya made a great review on them. 

They come in a round glass bottle, the cap is the same colour as the shadeEssence improved the formula of the polishes, they should last longer than the colour&go ones. Some colours are actually pretty similar to the old ones (you can see that on Katja's blog). I noticed the formula is creamy and really nice to work with, but I did notice it gets thick quite fast, if you use the nail polish regularly. Color range is large, you can get whatever color you want. The brush is straight cut and thick, easy to work with.

I applied two coats for every swatch (except for a whisper of spring I used three) for full coverage. It dries quicker than I expected. With their top coat from the same line it dries very fast and the top coat gives a very nice shiny finishThey last pretty long on my nails, if I use their top coat, they last up to five-six days.

Essence  The Gel Nail Polish (Review and Swatches) 33 wild white days

33 Wild White Days
A basic white colour, perfect as a base for colourful nail polishes.

Essence  The Gel Nail Polish (Review and Swatches) 40 play with my mint

40 play with my mint
Gorgeous minty-green shade.

Essence  The Gel Nail Polish (Review and Swatches) 39 blue bubble di blue

39 blue bubble di blue
Light almost baby blue shade.

Essence  The Gel Nail Polish (Review and Swatches) 33 indian summer

33 indian summer
Peach-rose shade, perfect for when you have a tan.

Essence  The Gel Nail Polish (Review and Swatches) 21 a whisper of spring

21 a whisper of spring
Pale pastel purple shade.

Overall, I love these polishes, I will definitely get more of them. Thank you for reading!


  1. Si se čist v pastele vrgla :D lepi odtenki, moram malo pogledat po drogerijah

  2. Uh sama imam zadnje tri in so božansko lepi:)

    1. Se strinjam! Celotna kolekcija ima kar nekaj božanskih barv :)

  3. Moram NUJNO kakšen odtenek pograbit! :) Super so videt

    1. Mislim, da ti ne bo žal če boš kakšnega kupila ;)

  4. Vsi zgledajo noro lepi <3
    Drugače pa kakšno prehransko dopolnilo za nohte res pomaga, jaz občasno naredim kuro z Das gesunde plus za nohte / lase kapsule in se nohti lepo ojačajo.

  5. Hi Lana! I just nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog; here's a link to the post:

    -Kelly ♥

    1. Thank you. I have done one recently, but I will probably do another one. :)

  6. Škoda samo, da nisi dopisala imen :P

    Tisti oranžen je Indian summer? Kolko lepše pride na tebi, kot na meni :)

    1. Sem čisto pozabla, sem dopisala pod slikami :)
      Je indian summer ja :D

  7. I think I'm going to get the 21 and the 39! They look really pretty pastels! Xx

  8. Ooo same super barve! Jaz obožujem te nove Essence, res kvalitetni in božanske barve!

  9. Oops better that this would not be seen today ... I quickly saw them in the store, I am rubbing force, now when Tuki to watch it ful first mela, yellow and mint.