Second Blog Anniversary and Some Changes

Now, at the end of August I am celebrating my second blog anniversary. The past year just flew by. I have been focusing on my blog more, I can't even imagine my life without it anymore. But there was one problem, I didn't like my blog name and I wanted to change it for so long, but I didn't find anything that I would like. I really admire bloggers, who have creative blog names. As you can see I have finally decided on the name, Lana Talks, it's simple, but I like it. I also bought a domain with my new name, so everything it's just easier, so I don't have to worry about losing my traffic and all of that. But it is a pita, because I have to change all my social media. For now, I've changed my Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, but I'm still waiting for Bloglovin and Facebook. I don't know if I should change my blog mail too, for now I will just leave it like it is. This post it's just so I can tell you about my new blog name, so you don't get confused and in the evening there will be another one, but beauty related. :) 


  1. Čestitke za obletnico! Želim ti še mnogo uspešnih let bloganja :) Novo ime mi je všeč, čeprav tudi prejšnje ni bilo slabo :)

    1. Hvala <3 Prejšnje meni sploh več ni bilo všeč in me je nekako držalo nazaj, zdaj sem dosti bolj zadovoljna :)