Essence Next Stop Summer TE Preview

Essence Next Stop Summer TE Preview

1. Luggage tag and decoration kit (01 pocketful of sunshine): 
With the cool luggage tag and matching stickers, every beauty can instantly recognize her luggage when she’s on vacation. 

2. Nail sticker (01 summer lovin´):
The self-adhesive stickers create a holiday feeling on your nails. 

3. Matt blotting paper (01 ticket to anywhere):
Not without my blotting paper: the special paper absorbs excess sebum and mattifies the complexion. 

4. Airbrush bronze & glow face and body (01 here comes the sun):
Spray-on that summer tan: the bronzing spray gives the face and body a gorgeous glow. 

5. Colour changing lipstick (01 wish i was a mermaid, 02 little miss sunshine):
These lipsticks turn purple and mint into intensive pink and radiant apricot on the lips.

6. Sun glow top coat (01 be someone´s sunshine today!):
The top coat gives any nail polish a beautiful finish with a golden shimmer. 

7. Sun protect lip conditioner (01 destination: vacation):
With an SPF of 20, the conditioner offers protection from UV-rays and provides plenty of moisture for velvety, smooth lips. 

8. Nail polish holder (01 live life sunny side up!):
Now a perfect manicure is no longer an issue when you’re on the go – simply place the holder including the nail polish on the finger like a ring.

9. Nail polish (01 fun is where you are, 02 vacation mood on, 03 made for sunny days, 04 no hurries, no worries):
Four bright nail polishes ensure a summery flair, and thanks to the matching flower rings, they’re really cute eye-catchers, too!

10. Wet or dry eyeshadow & eyeliner palette (01 ready for take off…):
Sand tones and aquatic shades create summery eye make-up styles – no matter whether applied wet or dry.

I used to make these preview type posts quite regularly, but they take so much time. I have been sick, so I had some time and since I really enjoy making these, I decided to do one. What caught your eye in this trend edition? I find the airbrush spray interesting, as well as the nail polish holder. I also need to buy the bloating paper for the summer time.

Thank you for reading!